Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Forced Specs

Should Blizzard continue to try to balance the classes or should they say enough is enough and make certain class specs just better at PVE or PVP? Just look at the Frost Mage as a prime example. The class is tremendous in PVP situations. They have great control, strong burst, and really good survivability; however, in PVE situations when compared to an Arcane Mage they fall short of reaching the same level of damage over the course of an entire fight. So my question is why not just draw the line in the sand and declare that this class spec is for PVP and that class spec is for PVE?

I may be completely alone on this thought, but I remember a day when not every class was able to do everything. I remember the day when balance was directed towards each faction having similar abilities and classes, but not exactly the same thing. Remember those days before the Alliance had Shaman and the Horde had Paladins? Now I will say straight up that Blizzard has never said that X class should only be doing PVP, but they never use to have to spend so much time in a vain attempt to balance every class to make them viable in some fashion or form to both PVE and PVP.

I do see them getting closer to drawing that line in he sand though now. There have been several posts that have asked why does my class (Boomkin, Hunters, etc.) suck in arena? The response from Blizzard was basically informing these individuals that while they do suck in arena, they are doing quite well in rated battlegrounds. In other words, X class is much better doing this than doing that.

I think what prevents them from doing something of this nature is the community itself. Whenever a minor change is noted in the PTR notes, the forums light up calling it the end of the known world and all the rest of the wonderful posts that we have all come to know and love (NOT!) So just imagine if in patch 4.x, Blizzard would announce that due to the feedback from the community around balance that the ______, ______, _______, & ______ classes would now only be effective in PVP! There would be mass rioting in the streets... Even if the classes named were the ones that were currently being used primarily for PVP. So instead, Blizzard very quietly continues to make subtle changes to certain classes that will endure them to be used for PVP purposes while trying to feign that they are making all classes balanced to do all things. After all didn't they say bring the player and not the class?

So what do you all think? Would you like if one day you woke up and Blizzard said that Survival Hunters were now the only Hunter who could PVP with any sort of success? How would you feel if they said screw you Boomkins, you are for PVE only?

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