Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Enchanting Argument

Should enchanters continue to be forced to disenchant items for groups that they are running with? This is a question, nay I say argument, that has been going on for some time. On one side you have the camp of the non-enchanters who say that enchanting is a double-dipping profession. This basically means that they can both gather and craft with one profession which thus allows them to pick up a second profession for even greater profit. On the other side is the enchanting camp who claims they are having a hard time gathering materials to level their enchanting and once leveled are losing out on materials to help cover the cost of their profession. Now both sides have a very valid argument, but which side's argument affects the game more?

My opinion is that Blizzard should remove the automatic disenchanting feature from the random groups. In my mind it does not make sense why we force one profession to offer their services for free, but allow all other professions to reap the full benefits of theirs with no consequence. For example, in Ulduar there were plenty of scrap bots that could be broken down by an engineer. In both Wrath and Cataclysm there are multiple elemental bosses who can be mined. Let us not forget that there are the occasional nodes that appear as well for miners. Also on the thought of the elementals, some of these can be looted by herbalist as well. Do not even get me started on the skinners out there who slow groups down because they are skinning every animal they come across in the instances. That being said, Rogues and Blacksmiths are not required to use their services for the lock boxes that drop during runs either. Yet for some reason, Blizzard demands that the enchanters provide their service free of charge.

It use to be the belief that enchanters needed to offer this service because they held a monopoly on the enchanting materials and thus the enchants as well. I have to pose the question though to the majority of the player base, do you really not have a character who can (dis)enchant? I mean I know that for the time I have been playing that I have managed to have all professions covered and have a few key professions (such as enchanting) covered multiple times. So I have to wonder, is this an argument simply for the sake of an argument?

The only valid reason that I can think of to keep this system as is to prevent ninja disenchanting (?). Basically, a long time ago people would offer to disenchant items for you. Upon receiving those items, the enchanter would just log off. Now this was always handled easily enough by opening a ticket. You got your item back and the offender took another step up the ladder to being banned. The down side is that it created more work for the Blizzard staff. A simple solution to this is to simply configure the disenchanting to work similar to how enchanting works. The person requesting a disenchantment would need to put each item individually in the bottom trade window. Upon disenchantment, the enchanting materials would automatically go into the item owner's bag and a small tip could be traded if agreed upon. There we go. End of the issue of ninja disenchanting (?)!

Now I realize there are far more pressing matters with-in WoW right now, but this is something that is constantly coming back up and could have a seemingly simple fix, or does it? What say you out there? Is there something that we enchanters are not seeing? Is there some sort of benefit or advantage of this system being removed? If you think so then feel free to drop a comment with your opinions!

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