Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why No Heals Man?

Have you ever heard that question? Every time I set foot in a random BG as a healer, undoubtedly some random person will yell at the collective group of healers inquiring why they were not healed. For some reason this always just goes straight through me. I manage not to blow up and troll these folks, but it does irritate me. So today I am going to answer this question for all of you out there who have ever asked this!

Reasons Why I Do Not Heal You

1. My ass is getting pounded on by the other team. That is right, once the opposing team identifies you as the healer there is no running from them. They swarm on you like an angry hornet's nest. Now if you are fortunate to be in a solid BG group, then your teammates will make sure and mow down the ones attacking the healer first. Unfortunately in today's group of players you seldom find someone with three brain cells functioning on sub-optimal and therefore you die... alot!

2. You showed up in all your PVE glory! Now I am not knocking anyone for being geared out for dungeons, but if I show up wearing my PVP gear in a random heroic you guys will blow up on me. The same feeling is had by those who PVP when you show up wearing your all-star PVE gear. What this signifies to me is that you will die quickly due to lack of proper gear, chants, gems, and the all important talent tree builds. Again, there are huge differences in survivability between people geared for PVP and those geared for PVE and I am going to use my mana to keep the guys alive who look to be geared for PVP. It is a personal choice for me.

3. You are an asshole. Yes, that is right. You are an asshole. That was very simple. You are the person who arrives in the BG and begins to tell all how glorious you are. The team then hits a brick wall and you begin yelling at everyone and everything. This annoys me. I do not respond well to name such as fuckface, dickhead, moron, loser, nub (or any variation of said word), or any other negative name that you can come up with. I do respond well to someone who is polite and knows how to play well with others though.

So there you go. I have just educated you as to why your PVP healers will not heal you. This will save you hopefully from being at least in category three. Category two cannot really help it as we all have to start somewhere. Category one is the group that actually puts me in a foul mood and makes me that much more irritable towards the other two groups. Well, as the old adds use to say, "the more you know, the more you grow"!

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