Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome Back

So it has been literally five months since I have written an actual post here at Holy Shock. (Unless we are counting the vague thank you post I wrote when I noticed some of the people I admired had closed down.) Now I have dabbled in writing posts at my other blog, but I failed to really capture any feeling of purpose, much less a desire to be committed to it. For some reason, it was like when I stopped writing posts for here that I just lost my desire to write. The weird part is that I had so many different topics that I really wanted to talk about ranging from the changes in WoW to different views I have on some topics that the community was discussing. The long story made short is that I did not do any of this. Instead I sat there and figured that the other bloggers who I admired would do a much better job. The only problem with this is the fact that so many of them have either officially stopped blogging or are only blogging on a rare occasion. So after some serious thought, I have decided to come back home and start back up things here at Holy Shock.

Now I am sure you may have noticed that I even spruced things up a little bit. Well, at least I hope that you noticed some of the changes. Other changes may not be so noticeable depending on how often you visited the site. Either way, I just wanted to go for something a slight bit more simple and not nearly as hard on the eyes as the orange/yellow background that was here previously. Along with some of the cosmetic changes made, I removed all of the former posts (from public view). Much of that information is out-dated or over-rated and will be of little use to anyone who is seeking actual information that may be of use to them. (Although there are a lot more informational bloggers out there than me.)

Speaking of other bloggers, you may have noticed that I have a completely blank side (over there ->). This is on purpose because much of the information I had there previously has some problems like links not working or blogs not blogging. So just as I did with my own out-dated posts, I wiped the slate clean there as well. As time goes on and I get back into a reading pattern of sorts you can expect to see some blogs added over there, as well as some solid links to great sites that I personally use.

So what can you expect to see out of Holy Shock v 2.0? I honestly have no clue what to tell you. I am sure you will hear about some organized PVP as I am spending more time doing that than anything else at this point in time. I may venture into the build that I am using and the reason behind certain choices I have made, but I do not know yet as those types of posts sometimes wander away from the topic and into an insult war. You can definitely read some stuff that will be direct responses to things that are being talked about on the official WoW forums. Hell, for that matter you can probably find some pretty random thoughts I have about different aspects of the game. So basically you can expect the same type of content that I have always strove to publish.

In closing, I just want to say thank you for your continued reading as well as thank you to those who may have just read this blog for the first time. In both cases, I hope you continue to check out Holy Shock and its continual evolution in blogging!

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