Friday, May 27, 2011

To Gank or not to Gank, That is the Question?

So last night I ran my butt off in arena. I ran my Paladin on his 3v3 team, my Priest on his 2v2 team, and then a buddy of mine was gracious enough to run with my fresh Shaman with no PVP gear. The results were mixed. We did well and we did not so well. My very first match with my Shaman though was won and I consider that to be a tremendous success considering the fact that he still has some green 289 item level gear. Thinking about it, I feel bad for the team who lost to him. Hell, they should feel bad for losing to a team with a scrub Shaman like mine. Oh well, that really has nothing to do with what I want to talk about other than to set a stage.

As we were waiting to run 3's, one of my guildies mentioned that they had been ganked in Hellfire Peninsula. I had been out there earlier on my Warrior and had seen some pretty bored Allis out there messing around. They would run into Thrallmar and wreck a lowbie and some guards on the way out of town. Apparently three hours later, they were still at it. First off let me say that I am all for any sort of World PVP. There is no prize other than just having fun, regardless of if you are the one killing or being killed. So my team decides to head out there since we were bored and there were now two of them out there playing. My Warrior partner arrived first and I was second with my Paladin. When we landed and hit them, the Allis ran! Now this is not an Alli bashing post, so let's not go there. It is however a simple question. Why go gank low level players if you do not want to fight?

I know I have been guilty of going to a low level town and stirring the pot. We did it though in order to draw out some people who wanted to fight. We never use to roll into town, one shot all the lowbies, and then run away from the actual people who could be a challenge. The thing I have noticed is that it does not just happen in World PVP, but also in battlegrounds. I know you have seen the types who come charging into you when they have you out-gunned, but take out the support and watch and see if some of them do not turn tail and run. So I have to ask this, why go and kill lowbies if you do not really want to fight someone that will actually be a challenge?

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