Saturday, May 28, 2011

R.I.P. World PVP

I think it is time to come to terms with the fact that World PVP is dead. I remember way back a long time ago when I encountered my first corpse camper. This guy was a pro. He had the tent pitched, the fire was burning bright, and he was roasting a smore on my corpse! Man, I was so pissed at first. I would try to rez and run, but back in the day you didn't get super fast mounts till forty and that meant no chance of getting away. This guy had me seeing red. However, as time went on and I struggled to level and spent a lot of time corpse running, I soon came to appreciate this sort of thing. It taught me to be alert. Some days it seemed like you spent the entire session of play looking over your shoulder. I remember the old days of war between Southshore and Tarren Mill. The battles would rage from one town to the other as each side would be trying to call in their friends and guild members. I even remember in Outland the fear of looking up and being one shot by a falling level seventy. Yeah, things like that really use to make me mad. I would dare say it frustrated me. I hated it on a certain level, but at the same time I loved it. I loved it because I knew that when I hit level cap that I would be doing the same thing because someone else did it to me.

Things have changed though. Blizzard has really stepped in to attempt to stop any sort of World PVP like the old days. For instance, try attacking a city now! If you step foot in any town and kill something, then you get flooded by level eighty-five guards. It is insane! The first few guards you can handle, but it is the fifth, sixth, and so on that really messes you up. Then there is the whole issue of flying mounts everywhere! You will never see those kind of pitched battles like back at Southshore/Tarren Mill because no one wants to be a loser. Well, at least they do not want to be perceived as a loser. So now the concept of World PVP is to perch up high and snipe at low levels or to fly around on mounts in a deadlock because no one wants to die.

In my opinion, Blizzard should simply kill the concept of PVP and normal servers. It is easy to see that their idea of World PVP is to be zones that are clearly understood to be PVP in nature. This is evidenced by Wintergrasp from Wrath and now TB from Cataclysm. The sad part is that I am actually in favor of this change. I use to love World PVP. In the old days, I would always go to Tarren Mill if word spread that there was some action going down. Now days, PVP has become personal. It is no longer just meant for good fun, but eventually you have very pathetic individuals who will whisper you on level one alts to either attempt to piss you off by insulting you or to complain about how something was unfair. Yes, I know I touched on this yesterday a little too, but the sad truth is that I am losing my desire for World PVP because it simply does not resemble anything that I remember. Am I the only one who feels this way? What has changed that you use to love, but now has become something that you really just do not enjoy?

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