Thursday, May 26, 2011


So far in this expansion I have leveled my Paladin, Priest, Rogue, and Shaman to 85. I have a Death Knight, Hunter, and Warlock all at least to level 80. Then I have a Warrior at 62, a Druid at 52, and a Mage at 11. Now this is just my main account mind you. My problem is that I just do not know what I want to level next. I sat down today and got my Druid all set up with a full compliment of heirloom gear and started laying out my bindings and what have you. I believe I even hopped in an instance and ran one with him. I was bored. Could it be healer burn out? After leveling three healers, that could be the case.

Now I had to run out shortly after the instance and when I returned I hopped on my Warrior. Now I am completely clueless with Warriors. I am even more clueless with one that is over half way leveled and has not been touched since probably mid-BC expansion. I quickly realized that his set-up was all wrong. I mean how could he actually do any damage while wearing his tanking gear in a fury build? So I hopped over to one of my other accounts and sent him all of the heirloom plate gear, the DPS heirloom cloak, and the new exalted guild tabard. I figured I would make him look spiffy while I proceeded to get him beat to a bloody pulp all over Azeroth and Outland.

Once I equipped the gear I think he felt a little better. I mean he could at least be fashionable while getting his beat downs right? The next thing was to examine the specs that he was in. Oh my good Lord! They were a mess. I really do not know what I was trying to accomplish with the build he had. It looked like I had set him up while being severely drunk. I figured what the hell and erased both his specs. I decided to go with Fury and Arms primarily because I didn't feel that people would want to see this poor confused Orc trying to tank for them... at least for now. I set up my fury build first and worked out what I wanted his rotation to be. I also stopped off in Orgrimmar and exchanged some honor points to pick up the level 60 PVP weapons. They were a slight improvement over his former weapons and what Orc doesn't look cool duel wielding two axes?

The only thing left to do was take him for a spin drive into Outland. I have to admit that I actually enjoyed the hour or so that we spent together. He was knee deep in bloody corpses of boars, birds, and the occasional Fell Orc that crossed his path. I may actually continue to play him some on the side. My big issue is that I do not want to invest too much time into him because I know that if I level him to 85 that he will probably join my Rogue on the bench. I always have a fun time leveling melee classes, but once they hit cap I just never quite enjoy playing them very seriously. I always end up going back to my healers, but I figure while the mood is striking me I might as well moonlight wit my Warrior!

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