Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

So today is an official holiday here in the states where we take a moment to honor those who are no longer with us. I felt that this video was a very appropriate choice in honor of Memorial Day:

Warning: Personal  Non-WoW Related Talk Ahead!!!!

To me this is one of those holidays that hold a special place in my heart. When I was young, my parents would take me and my brother out to honor the family members who were no longer with us. We would visit each location and leave a simple flower arrangement and make sure that the area was in good order. During the course of the day, we would hear about different family members and the lives that they lead. This really helped give me a strong sense of family and a pride in the heritage of my family.

It saddens me that over the years there seems to be fewer and fewer people who visit the grave sites surrounding those of my own family members. It saddens me because it signals that the stories of those people will not be carried on. That a part of our history, as a whole, is slowly disappearing. How many times have we said (or been told) that as long as we carry on their memory, that they will live on in us and be remembered? It seems that slowly over time that everything fades away, including the memories of these wonderful people.

My only hope is that as my son grows older that he too will embrace the rich history of our families and carry on the tradition of honoring those that have gone on before us. I realize that he may not be able to physically visit each and every grave, as even I have forgotten how to find some of them. No, my hope is that he embraces the sense of pride in the family heritage and that he carries that forward and passes it on to his children so that the next generation may look back as I have and be thankful for the sacrifices of those that have gone before them.

So in closing I wish everyone a great Memorial Day! Be safe out there and have fun today!

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