Monday, May 23, 2011

Enter the Cow!

Something I have always wanted to do, but for some reason never actually completed is role a class for each healing spec in the game. I have come close in previous expansions, but for Cataclysm this has been a secret little goal... until now! Last night I added my third level capped healer to my roster! That is right, the terror of the Daggerspine Horde Auction House, Holeycow, hit level 85!

So at present I now have a Holy Paladin, a Discipline Priest, and now a Restoration Shaman! Go team heals! My next healer is going to be a Restoration Druid and should be fairly simple since I have him already sitting at level 52. First though, I need to get this cow some gear. It did help though that I had turned all my honor into justice points and upon hitting level 85 promptly went and purchased the 346 chest and helm. I added a couple pieces of reputation gear and have hit the dungeon scene fairly well to gather a few other minor pieces. I figure in a day or two (at most), I should have enough gear to begin the trudge through heroics. Once I get him geared well enough for heroics, I will then focus on getting my Druid under way.

Is there something wrong with me? How about you all, is there a certain role that you love more than any other and are striving to fill it? Tanking? Melee? Ranged?

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