Sunday, May 22, 2011

Elemental Bonds

I do not know if I have ever mentioned it before, but I am a huge fan of the lore of Warcraft. Yes, I am one of those guys who have bought all of the novels written about the game(s). I even go on the website and read the short stories that are officially put up by Blizzard. I am actually not ashamed to admit this at all. In fact, I could very easily be one of those guys like "red shirt" at Blizzcon last year. Well, scratch that. I have a wife who would hog-tie me before I ever made it into the line. (Unless I distract her with a shiny!) Anyway, my point is that I love the rich lore of the game and I love it even more when Blizzard brings it into WoW.

This brings me to 4.2 and the storyline that they are introducing about Thrall and the events that transpire from it. Do not worry, I am not going to reveal any of the events of the quest line. I do not want to be the spoiler of a great quest chain. I am going to say though that there is a lot that gets said about certain things during this quest chain that really gives you a look into one of the deepest characters in the WoW universe and I for one loved every moment of it. I cannot wait to see the finished product in all of its cut scene glory!

So why am I talking about this if I am not going to directly give out information? The answer is simply because I feel like we, as players, miss such a large part of the game by not taking the time to actually read the quest logs or the conversations that are had by the NPC's, or even some of the common items found in the world. For instance, one of my favorite shields I have ever found in the game is the old barn door that has a phrase that says something about it being available. Sure that has nothing to do with lore, but it shows a side of humor that is missed if you really do not take the time to explore the environment of the world around our characters. 

I think that Blizzard has been doing a really great job lately with their expansions on the story telling side, and they are not getting credit for this. During Wrath, all you heard were complaints about game mechanics or difficulty of the game itself. Very few people took the time to really point out how wonderful the lore was and how great some of the side stories were. I myself was really guilty of this during Wrath. I did not even realize all the really cool stories that were out there until I started working on leveling one of my Shaman recently. Now I will admit that they did not get it perfect because there were some stories that felt out of place (Argent Tourney) or did not receive the attention it should have (Ulduar and Yog), but overall they definitely brought more life to that expansion than they did to BC.

In Cataclysm, they really shine through in the story telling department in my opinion and it does not seem to be slowing down at all. I hope this continues because it makes me want to log in and see what has changed or what new secret plot twist has been revealed. The only fear I have is that they may try to take on too much at once. For instance, the latest bout with the Trolls. They could do something really special with that, but I am afraid it is more of the filler variety that seems to always fall on the Trolls. At least they do not need to feel bad  since the Old Gods get no better of a treatment. Oh my, I think I may have wandered off my original topic just a little bit, but isn't that a good thing? 

I remember when I was little, that me and a buddy of mine would read the same comics and then we would debate what was going to happen. We would wait every month to get the next issue to see if we were right or completely wrong. That is exactly what Blizzard is doing to me now. They have me hooked on their story line and I am eagerly awaiting each patch in order to see what is going to happen next. What about you guys, is there an aspect of the game that you feel is overlooked by the community like the story-line? Perhaps the artwork? Changes to the scenery itself? Is there any little thing that has been done that you think deserves some credit in WoW?

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