Monday, November 8, 2010

Two Years

So yesterday marked the end of my second full year of blogging. I have to admit that things have come a long, long way from the very first post here at Holy Shock and my life is the better for it. So, instead of talking about accomplishments and the like I am instead going to take some time and thank some of the people that have inspired me as a person and as a blogger.

The first person I have to thank is Fish over at Gnome Warrior Is An Oxymoron! If he had not talked to me about blogging I probably never would have taken that first step. Along with that, he is a great guy and good friend. When I went through some of the worst times of my life he was always there with an encouraging word or a shoulder to lean on. Thanks buddy!

The second person I would like to think is Larisa from The Pink Pigtail Inn. She was the very first person to post a comment on my blog and she is an inspiration to me in the way that she goes about writing. I admire her dedication to writing and only hope that I could one day reach that level.

The next person is a group of persons. They are the members of my guild. Some of them have blogs like my wife Eus with The Suicidal Healer, Edyion from Code Red, and Matt from Abbadonn's Wrath. I really do consider myself lucky to be able to play this game with such a great group of people in MAS!

One of my all time favorite blogs is WTFspaghetti. I am always happy to see something new posted over there. The thing that I like about the blog is that thedoctor writes things in a way that are entertaining yet informative and dare I say at times thought provoking? Let's not forget that kick ass choir!

I couldn't make a list of thanks without thanking each and every one of you bloggers who write about Paladins. You guys rock and are a great group of people. To the Holy Paladins out there, keep your chins up and don't sweat the changes. Change is a good thing and a necessary thing in life. Work with what you have been given and in time you will be right back where you were and probably doing some things that you may never thought you would be able to do. Keep representing our class with pride!

In closing I just want to share some advice with all of the bloggers and potential bloggers out there. Over these last couple years I have learned so much about the game, myself, and writing a blog. One of the biggest things I learned was to quit comparing myself against those who have been established for some time. You need to remember why you started blogging and then focus on writing the best post that you can write. The blogsphere doesn't need a hundred Ruhtras writing blogs (although that would be sweet!), it needs each and every one of you as individuals with your own thoughts and views. Too many times when I first started to write something I would stop and think about someone else who had written something similar and think to myself that their article was much better and what could I possibly add to the topic. When in reality, we are unique and approach the game from different areas of life. Some of us our older with children and established careers. Some of us our young and may have just gotten out of college. Hell, some of us may even still be in college or even high school. It really doesn't matter because my point is that we are all coming from different walks of life and if it is something that you feel is important, then you write your post and have your voice heard as well.

Once again thank you to everyone who writes a blog, reads a blog, and even trolls a blog. Without you all these last two years would not have been nearly as much fun. Take care!


LarĂ­sa said...

Two years! Good grief. You're joining the ranks of the jaded veterans in the blogosphere! Most bloggers won't last more than two months. Believe me, I've seen so many bloggers come and go. But you were obviously one of those with a real blogging bug.

Big grats on the big day (and thank you for your kind words)!

Ophelie said...

Wow, two years! Very impressive! I hadn't realized you had been writing for such a long time.

Congratulations on your 2 year blogging anniversary! I hope you have many more to come, in WoW blogging or otherwise!

Mister K said...

Congrats! I too just hit a milestone of a different sort with my 200th blog post. I hope you keep it up bettter than me as I have let my blogging slow down to a crawl. I am hoping to pick up the pace when the expansion drops. We'll see how it goes

Ruhtra said...

Thank you everyone for your nice words. I really do appreciate it.