Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shattered Experience

This is not a tale of QQ, but one of feeling lost in WoW. I have been playing this game for a very long time and yesterday I logged in excited to see what was changed like many others. As I flew around and looked over the changed things like sharper graphics for old zones and completely redesigned old zones I couldn't help but feel lost. All of my talents were reset as they had said. All of my quests were gone from the old world. Hell, I have a 1500 quest achievement but only have around 1200 quests completed now. As I flew around, I felt more disconnected from the game than I ever have before. During this time of excitement that everyone else seems to be having, am I the only person who just doesn't care one way or another?

I honestly feel like just putting down my level capped characters and starting all over again. I do not feel like revisiting old zones and hammering out new quests. I rode through the ZG zone and couldn't help but feel as though the game keeps losing more than it is giving back. Old raids like AQ, Naxx, Ony, and ZG being changed or removed makes sense, but at the same time it feels like they are ripping out my memories of what was and replacing them with an excuse to release less content. That may have come out wrong. I just feel like that in the Burning Crusade we got something new. There was no reusable content pushed upon us. In Wrath, we saw the beginning of reworking some aspects of content (Naxx and Ony). In Cataclysm, we get a whole lot of reusable content. Which is not bad. This is a good thing. It saves us from having to buy World of Warcraft II, but something just feels missing or wrong to me.

I honestly do not know how to really describe what I am feeling other than I played Minecraft most of the day yesterday. I logged into the game a couple hours after servers were up and managed to stay online for maybe an hour or so before logging off and going to bed. I am going to give it another try later today with a fresh character I made last night. What about the rest of you out there? Is anyone else feeling the same as me or am I just the odd man out on this one?

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Jasyla said...

I can relate. Last night I logged on and felt completely lost. I only ended up staying on for about 30 minutes before leaving to do something else. That said, I'm not really complaining, I think I just require a little more preparation so I have a bit of a sense of direction when I sign on next.