Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never Cluck, If You Can't Strut

So last night I was feeling wide awake and wanted to do something different. Lately, I had spent so much time focused on raiding or running with guild members through randoms that I just needed a little fun. The problem is that for me fun involves things that are somewhat more difficult in the game to do whether it is grinding reputations or going for specific achievements in raids. Since I was not feeling in a raiding mood, I settled on the thought of working on one of those grinding achievements! The problem was which one did I want to focus on? This one sort of came out of left field, but the Twenty Five Tabard achievement is what came to mind. I had thought about this one in the past, but I had always gotten distracted by looking at other shinies as it were. So I decided to go and pull up a list of tabards over at WoW Head and see which ones were easily obtainable. In truth, most of the easy ones I already have and I refuse to sell one that I worked hard to get, just so I can go and buy an alternate version of it (think Midsummer Fire Tabards).

I was sitting at fourteen tabards and had long neglected picking up a couple easy ones. This literally shows how lazy I am when it comes to things in the game but I had yet to go and pick up my Warsong Tabard and also one of the ones you can get in Orgrimmar for honor (A lot of honor since patch). I had purchased the Scouts Tabard a long, long, long time ago so it is the other one which is escaping my mind at this moment. So two easy tabards and I am at 16. This then left me sitting thinking about the other nine that are needed. I know I never did a lot of quests in Outland due to my hatred of questing and so I can do the questline out in Shadowmoon for the Illidari Tabard (which I have on Emprius from helping a guild member back in the Burning Crusade days). So that moves me down to eight tabards. Things are looking good but where exactly do I focus in on?

Well, looking at my reputation I see the Cenarian Expedition and Lower City factions from the Burning Crusade are at Revered status. It just means spending some time running some old heroics to grind out that last bit of reputation. Two more factions at revered from the Burning Crusade is the Keepers of Time and Thrallmar! So that puts me down to four more that I need to try to focus in on. The easy answer would be to pick up some tabards from the Argent Tournament! I did do all that jousting and grinding for a reason right? Well, that is not my style! (Although I may do it for the sake of getting the achievement completed.)

See, I like to do things that I can take pride in and also I like to tie in achievements that are easier to complete with achievements that are somewhat more complicated or just simply takes a large amount of time to complete. For instance, when I started working on my Explore Achievement I chose to begin it during one of the Hollow's End events from previous years. This allowed me to do something that was boring (running all over Azeroth and Outland) and tie it into something that I really wanted which was the Hallowed title. So my goal is to do the same with the tabard achievement. I have not made it a secret that I really want to get the forty exalted reputations and this is a perfect little achievement to wrap into that one! You see, there are a lot of factions that have tabards that I am at honored and revered. So grinding for reputation serves two purposes, but I can make it fit into three by adding in a grind to max out my exalted reputation with the Defilers! Oh and if you have not seen the tabard you get upon completing the quest that you are given upon maxing out the exalted reputation, then go look at it right now. It was one of the best looking tabards from back in Vanilla WoW and in my humble opinion is still one of the best looking tabards and it is one of those things that you get in game that tells everyone that there was no easy way of getting that.

So by now, I am guessing that all this achievement talk has you wondering what in the hell the name of this post has to do with what I have been talking about. Well, glad you either stuck around to find out or skipped down to this part. You see to kick off working on the reputation for the Defilers I hopped in a few AB matches last night (got three victories and only one loss) and encountered this Alliance rogue named Fiola from Dunemaul. I was at the Blacksmith flag (which I typically try to go to) defending and this poor Rogue tried everything that (s)he could think of to kill me. It didn't work. I stood there healing like a Paladin possessed. What I found funny was that the entire time I am eating her assault, she is spamming /chicken at me. I was laughing so hard I was afraid I might wake my family up. It just amused me that this Rogue was probably use to one shotting players in lower brackets and had created this macro to annoy, piss off, or insult whomever they were attacking; however, when you cannot kill the target you are spamming, and even worse the target gets the killing blow on you........... it may be time to consider letting go of that macro. Just saying! It was amusing because in that match I had only one killing blow and it was on this poor Rogue with the bad macro. So two thumbs up Fiola for making me laugh and two jeers for having a horrible macro!

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