Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is Respect Too Much?

This has been a really, really good week for me personally. The highlight of my week was the return of a good friend who has not played WoW in over two years. Out of the blue last week I received this message from him telling me he was thinking of coming back and wanted to know if the old group is still playing. I was happy and immediately let him know that we are still playing and then did my best to keep the secret of his return. This guy is a fun person to be around and the older members of the guild were electrified to see him back and it created such a great atmosphere this past week. It also meant a lot of work to help him learn about the significant changes to the Hunter class. Back in the day when we were playing, he was my very first arena partner and also was with us for the initial push into raiding back in the Burning Crusade so I knew his gear would be good enough for a few levels.

He worked his butt off this week and hit 80 (with some help from the rest of us) and so we got him some beginner gear and hit the heroic scene up. First let me say, I have not ran heroics in any serious way in probably three to four months. I expected to have some rough groups simply because it is post patch and tanks have a God complex now days, but damn I was surprised at how bad it has actually become. Now maybe it is just my bad luck or a combination of my bad luck with his bad luck but we got the creme of the crop in bad attitude, bad skill, and well just bad players in general. 

I watched as people insulted my friends gear, talent build, class, and anything else they could get a keep jab in right up until I had my fill of it. We were in a heroic Nexus run with all guild except this moronic Death Knight tank. This guy had some serious issues with holding agro and I was very nice and never complained about anything at all with him because I realize that with Death Knights some things are still off because Runic Strike is still set to trigger only with an avoidance rather than by mere runic power alone. However, this Dick Knight started in on my buddy as we headed into the chamber for the second boss. I was healing on Popebutch (as Discipline) and having got a mountain of achievements, gear, and a very solid spec I informed the dick that there was nothing wrong with my friend except for one retarded Dick Knight who couldn't hold agro. I also reminded the asshole that heroics for getting gear and working on your game (something he surely needed to do). I made a few other points and then stopped myself from crossing that line of lowering myself to that level.

The tank got insulted that someone would not stand there and take his crap and so he made an attempt to wipe us by pulling two platforms worth of mobs and then dropping group. I am proud to say that the members of MAS pulled together and our DPS Warrior picked up agro as best he could while I spammed shields and heals to all party members and assisted with some DPS as well. We burned the mobs, had no wipes, and got rid of a retarded tank that was replaced by a great tank with an even better attitude. All in all we had a good run and no wipes.

My issue as of late is with the attitude of so many players now day. I recently leveled my Death Knight (Methusaleh) to level 80 and started working on a few random dungeons and have encountered nothing but poor attitudes. It seems so much worse now than it did months back when I was finishing up working on Whoopy. With my Death Knight I have a Blood tanking build and an Unholy DPS build. I use my tanking build for guild runs in regular dungeons and my Unholy DPS build in heroic dungeons. In the regular dungeons I will admit I have not encountered a lot of the poor attitudes, but heroics are filled full of want-to-be players with horrible attitudes. I really am surprised that at this point in the expansion that people are acting this way. They bark orders out like everyone has a learning disability and treat you slightly better than dirt. I feel sorry for newer players or those returning like my friend. I have to wonder is it really too much to ask that people be respectful of others and remember that it is just a game? 


Tarinae - A Healadin's Tear said...

Aside from the negative attitudes, there is something else about this behavior that troubles me and I have been seeing it alot ruunning lowbies and that is that this behavior is setting a standard, that this IS the behavior we're supposed to have.

You have a fresh, untainted piece of clay when a new person starts wow, but when people with tons of 80 filter into the low level dungeons with their GOGOGO attitude and their BOAs...a lot happens to that piece of clay that could have been a masterpiece player.

You might as well let the dogs piss on your clay and call it artwork for all the nastiness it has grown into.

I know that Heroics are boring...I know leveling instances are soul dies everytime I see the WC load screen...but I CHOSE to do this instance and the least I could do is be civil.

Sometimes...I wish the LFD tool didn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment to question the reason why those people do Heroics ?
In my opinion, it's because they can't raid with anybody, got avoid by their own guild members, got kicked after first raid boss and end up grinding Justice Points through Heroic runs.
Bad attitudes are usually not successful in raid environment.
I personally restarted to play my paladin as a Healer (no gear upgrade since Nax ;-() and every night, I need some real patience to deal with those jerks.

Edyion said...

I had a run in with a bear tank so full of himself I think he completely lost touch with reality. I'd been lucky of late that I hadn't had too many bad tanks and the ones that where weren't all that talkative. I even had one tank that rolled on a piece of dps gear I really needed on my freshly leveled DK but the guys wasn't a total ass and gladly gave it to me when I asked for it nicely. I was actually starting to have a bit of fun with randoms again until I wanted to do one with my hunter the other day. The run was already pretty bad with our first healer and tank bailing in the middle of a trash pull without a warning in Halls of Stone, then a bear came along to push it to that next level.

The guy comes in and starts pulling like crazy which wasn't that bad but when the warrior in our group asked if we could do all the bosses the guy turned into super dick and started running all over the place. We cleared to the event then myself, the warrior and the healer look up and the bear is nowhere to be seen. He starts yelling at me to come to maiden which I ask why and he starts berating me saying I can't read and insulting the fact that mine and the mage's dps was lower than his when everything we tagged was dying faster than either of us could attack. Turns out the idiot had the grand idea to kill off the bosses separately to save time and expected me and the other people int he party to read his damn mind. Anyway he killed maiden and we finish off the event and the warrior pointed out he didn't get any points from maiden and I give him the sweet and short "of course you didn't you have to BE there to get points when a boss dies not on the other damn side of the instance". Minute after i say that the healer drops apparently as pissed off as I was and I followed suit.

Just because you are a tank that doesn't give you the green light to be a completely dick to everybody you run with. It is also not an automatic "I am right" button. Stuff like that and your post really suck the fun out of things.

Ruhtra said...

@ Tarinae

I completely agree with you. I am concerned for newer players as well. It does not matter whether you run a random dungeon or try your luck in a battleground. It just seems that a large population of the more vocal side of WoW has gotten really bad attitudes that could run off newer players to the game. I tend to look at it as a smaller problem to society in general, but I suppose that would be an entirely different type of discussion.

@ Anon

As to why they do heroics? I definitely think you are correct for some. My own personal opinion is that a lot of people just honestly do not have much going on for them in other areas and so they feel empowered when they can belittle someone over anything. Think of the type of person who is always picked on in a social group. That person cannot stand up physically to people like that so they retreat inward. Then when they find something that offers them "power" (even as trivial as a game), they like to show everyone how great they are and they make themselves feel much better by belittling someone else as they have been. I think I could go on about this for quite some time and so I will leave it with the fact that there are very real issues in people's life that make them behave in such a manner.

@ Edy

It couldn't happen to a better person! Kidding! At least you can unload about how bad a player is to the rest of the guild cause we have all been there!