Saturday, October 30, 2010

Closing In On The End Of An Era

So it has been a few days since since I posted and that is really because I have been severely ill. Missed several weeks worth of work and been through several rounds of antibiotics and even steroids. The good news is I am feeling much better and happy for that.

In WoW related news, my guild is making our final push on ICC. We downed Sindregosa in about a month's worth of attempts (Around 12-16 nights roughly) We were hindered originally by members switching in and out and a lack of attendance by many who are our core raiding group. Last night was a huge lack of attendance but one that we were not going to call a raid for. We recruited some quality PuGs and knocked out Dreamwalker rather quickly and then after several training attempts and a few adjustments to strategy we burned that ice queen to cinders. We are finally near the end of our stated goal for this expansion and I for one am completely happy about that.

We went up and snapped some photos with the Lich King and started the event so that the PuG members could see this and get a feel for the strategy and then called it for the evening to let the raiders go and relax. At the end of the evening we had one PuG member who requested to join MAS and another PuG who said he knew several of our members in real life and was seriously considering making a switch to MAS as well. I think it speaks volumes that our guild continues to grow without spamming for recruits or posting on forums and other locations. It is a special group of people.

As for other news, Ruhtra finished off his Glory of the Hero achievement on Thursday with some help from the guild and that put one more achievement down that I personally was looking for. One of the things that has been waying heavily on mind over the last few weeks has been deciding what to do in the long term. The guild is fairly deep in Paladins and at this point in time we are in dire need of some other roles to be filled in consistency. After thinking about this for a long time I have decided that Ruhtra is going to continue on in Rated PVP where his heart is and in lieu of that, Popebutch is going to now be the main character that I spend my time working on. With that decision having been made that led me to another interesting decision about the future of my blogging. I originally started this blog as a blog for Holy Paladins and then slowly evolved to talk about a lot of different topics, but attempted to keep the focus on being a Holy Paladin. It seems kind of weird to feature a Shadow Priest as the main focus of a blog called Holy Shock does it not? So with that answer being obvious, it is the end of an era here at Holy Shock. When the Lich King falls, so too will end Holy Shock.

Thank you all who have been reading the blog and commenting. It has been a hell of an expansion and I am sure the future holds a lot of great opportunities for us all. May the Light shine brightly on you in the dark days ahead.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what this means...

"So with that answer being obvious, it is the end of an era here at Holy Shock. When the Lich King falls, so too will end Holy Shock."

Does this mean you are renaming/expanding the blog? Or are you ending it completely?

Ruhtra said...

I will be ending Holy Shock. I have not decided if I will start a new blog to focus on other aspects of the game and classes at this point in time.

I will be leaving the blog up as it is though so any links and things of that nature will remain as they are. I may also continue to update links and do the minor maintenance to those types of things.

Anonymous said...

I am saddened to see you closing down shop. I truly enjoyed the posts that you have written. Although I rarely comment I will miss you.

Best of luck.

RatherNotSay said...

I doubt you will be able to walk away from blogging, at least I hope not. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinions (rants) and supporting me.

Fish said...

Here I thought you meant AOE, no CC lol.

I still havent decided a "main" for the expansion. Priest, Shammy or Pally.

Ruhtra said...

@ Anonymous 2


@ Rather

Thanks and thank you for writing such colorful posts for us here.

@ Fish

With the expansion getting closer you better start putting some serious thought into it. It was a hard decision for me in all honesty. I hate stepping away from Ruhtra, but we are just too crowded with Paladins at the moment. Popebutch fills a huge void for a raid composition as Shadow and with having duel spec I am still able to step in and fill a vital role if needed.