Saturday, October 16, 2010

Be Very, Very Quiet....

Hey all, been a while since my last post and I apologize but I got hit with what the doctor referred to as a sever sinus infection. I am still not feeling 100% from the nasty little bugger and I hope none of you out there get it. That being said, since the new patch has gone live I am sure that you all have been exploring the new talent trees and quite possibly even trying out a second spec with the price reduction down to 100 gold. I plan to talk a little bit about the changes for Paladins and my thoughts specifically about the holy changes, but that is for a little later. Today I want to talk about hunting rare pets.

If you are a Hunter, then you know what I am talking about. Sure, you could go and get the ordinary pets but what fun is there in that? This topic actually came to mind because my lovely wife has been trying to track down Skoll and I have been helping her out when I can. While I was reading up on the spawn points and other useful comments it got me thinking back to the very first rare mob I ever tamed and so I am going to share the story of my taming of Krethis Shadowspinner.

I feel it important to say that since the game has changed, this may not seem as impressive and some of you may not know that the rare mobs used to be considered elite mobs and were as hard, if not harder to kill than some of the bosses in the instances back a few years ago. This also means taming one could be a nightmare. I remember exactly what I was doing the day I came across Krethis. I was doing the quest in Silverpine to collect the items from the spiders and bears in the zone. I found the cavern that was loaded with the green spiders and figured it would be easy enough to kill them and so I ventured inside. At the time I had one of the spiders from Ghostlands as a pet. We were about half way down the shaft when we ran face first into Krethis. It did not end well for us; however, I desired that spider!

I was level 16 at the time and Krethis was only 15 and that should be easy right? I abandoned my current spider because we did not have the luxury that we are afforded now days and I proceeded to start the taming. Yeah it didn't go so well the first thirteen times. Finally, on my fourteenth attempt (and after fourteen deaths) I was smart enough to drop my trap far enough away to allow maximum time for my tame beast spell to pull him into the trap and the trap afforded me the remainder of the time needed. My friends made fun of me for having a caster pet, but it did not matter to me because this here little spider was a beast to get and I still have my precious Widowmaker with me today. Although it would be much cooler if she could spit flame shocks and cast her shield.

So as I sit here now having left my wife to go to Grizzly Hills and look for Arcturis, I am reminded of the fun, and pride, that can be had by taming these rare beasts. How about you all, what rare mob or pet are you most proud of?

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