Sunday, October 3, 2010

Achievement Chasing

I have a dark confession to make. I spent this week forcing Ruhtra to drink until he went and vomitted on a Dark Iron Dwarf that apparantly set off a giant brewl, er brawl. At this rate, poor Ru may end up being a hobo down by the bences at the tram station. The good news is that he did manage to sober up enough to complete the Brewfest holiday achievements and pick up the pint sized pink pacaderm! Now if we can just get him to put the brews down. Last time I looked he had conviced Whoopy to join him on his foray into Brewfest and they were both chasing pink elephants. So while they are off chasing elephants let's talk about achievements!

When achievements first came out I was somewhat negative towards them. I viewed them as a shiny object that distracted players from the lack of content. I am a big enough man to admit that I was wrong and that they have added a different level to the game that was not present in the past. I only discovered the complexity of some of these achievements recently. Even the ones that seem simple take quite a bit of effort to achieve. For instance, have you looked for the books of higher learning? It seems easy but it is a pain in the ass hunting for those damn books. Go out and try to love all the little animals or kill all the annoying vermin! I have found a lot of fun and depth in things that I viewed first as little more than a distraction to the lack of content.

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