Sunday, October 3, 2010


Rather is back again for another round this week and I want to talk about a thread I read on the US WoW forums. Basically we have this poster, who is crying about the required 35 points in a talent tree. This guy claims that he doesn't have any "hybrid" specs but feels that it is somehow infringing on his right to build his character how he sees fit. I can understand his desire to fight against the machine, but to be honest with the way it sounds that the trees are turning out there won't be a need to dip into other trees for those first few levels.

I tried to approach it from the other side, but very few of the hybrid builds (think PVP prot/heal Pali build) ever proves to be successful in the long run. The only thing that they tend to do is cause Blizzard's team to grab the nerf bats and start the whacking process. If anything, I am grateful that maybe, just maybe, we will be able to play the classes and their redesigned trees for more than a couple weeks before they start making changes. I understand an argument could be made for some of the hybrid builds that have proven useful (think the Fel Guard/destruction Lock build) for leveling and other things, but most of these builds have you go a little farther than 35 points and so they will not be effected by this.

I think what we see here is Blizzard making people learn to play a chosen class and that is not all bad. If they decided to restrict you to say spending 50 points in a tree before being able to dip into other trees then I may be more willing to fight, but I just see this as an overall win for everyone. Hopefully this means players who understand the class a little better, less nerfs done as a knee jerk reaction to a mechanic that was not intended to be used in a certain way, and more time spent by the staff on developing other aspects of the game.


Shelly said...

From what I read, there are less talent points over all (you aren't getting one per level after 10 like previously) so 35 points is more like 55 or 60 of now.

I myself haven't keep an eye on the builds for any class but I am hoping the little note it gives you after your 35th point will stave off those people who want to throw all their points into a single tree.

Good thing about this though, you know that level blah prot pally has his avengers sheild at the appropriate level come cataclysm. Ran into some in random dungeons who specced their "extra" points in the other tree before picking up the points in their desired tree thus pushing back that deep talent until northrend levels.

jeffo said...

I'm a little confused by this. You will be required to put 31 points into one tree before you can start picking up talents in other trees, not 35. Unless he was complaining that there were 35 'good' (maybe not 'good', perhaps 'mandatory' would be a better word) talent points in his main spec tree and he had no flexibility to pick good things out of the other two.

Ruhtra said...

You know Rather, I never pictured you much as one who reads the forums. At any rate, the poster was wrong on the number of talent points required, but I am sure they are aware of that by now.

I would also tend to agree with Jeffo that he probably was irritated about how the talents were laid out and perhaps feeling forced to take talents in order to get what they truly wanted.