Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strange Ideas

The other day I was talking with my wife (because communication is good right?) and I do not remember how or why but we ended up discussing the Brewfest holiday and different items that drop. Good thing we both play or that could have been an awkward conversation huh? It got me thinking about the overall status of the holiday events and their (un)respected bosses. Since Wrath came out, Blizz has put a lot (debateable) of effort into giving useful (trinks and weapons) or vanity (mounts and pets) items to these bosses. Alright, well maybe saying effort was too much, but they did add in some trinkets and update the previous loot tables to equal current entry level epic (used lossely) item levels for level 80 characters, which I know we are all aware of and I am sure where this is going right? Well stay with me because we are not yet done wandering around. Another thing that Blizzard added in the Wrath expansion was heirloom gear. The gear we love to hate to love (or hate to love to hate). I am equally sure that you are all aware of the benefits (are they realy?) of these items. I am equally sure that many of you probably have wasted the emblems (another sore subject for some) on these items.

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