Sunday, September 26, 2010

Played Out

Have you ever hit that point in your life where you just sit and wonder if this is all there really is? When I graduated from high school, the girl who was our class validictorian started her speach with, "We live, we die" and it proceeded to go down hill from there. That is somewhere close to where I was at in regards to my feelings for WoW. I was forcing myself to log in and run a couple raids per week and maybe make a cameo appearance in a random heroic. I just was not feeling the love for WoW like I had back when I first started to play. I know my poor wife would ask me to play with her and I would try but I just was feeling like I had done the same thing a hundred times before and there was no pleasure in actually playing the game. In truth I was beginning to consider just cancelling my subscription(s) for a while and then seeing if I wanted to come back to the game after an extended period of time away. Basically I was beyond burned out to the point of feeling that WoW was played out (for me at least).

I considered my options and decided I needed to find that love of the game that seemed so distant at this point in time. The question was what was it that made me love the game so? I started thinking back to the first few months of WoW and what made me want to play it. Was it the countless hours of grinding quests that use to make-up huge chunks of the game? Was it the fear of getting corpse camped from some lurking Alliance player? Was it the thrill of not knowing what lay beyond the next zone? Was it waiting to get a new ability? Perhaps it was the desire to get my first mount at level 40?

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