Monday, September 27, 2010

My Experience

It is hard to believe that October is almost here. Where has the year gone? The good news is that this is not a self reflection post about my lost time but rather a post that looks back at the moments during this expansion that stand out in my mind! A celebration of Wrath of the Lich King if you will! So here are my top ten moments from this expansion:

10. Rocket Mount

Who does not want a love rocket? Nothing like taking the little lady out for a ride on space mountain! Wooooooooooo! (Rick Flair) In all seriousness, I love the rocket mount. I was disappointed that I was unable to get one during the holiday event and so I could not resist getting a third account with the sole purpose to get me that rocket! Oh and an added bonus, when people hop in your mount and you didn't invite them you just fly up really high and dismount. Bubbles FTW and the passenger eats ground below! (Want a ride Edy?)

9. Iron Forge Gate Crashers

This actually started from me reading so many blogs about how people only ganked out where it was safe and the numbers favored them. I personally love the thrill of PVP and do not care where it happens, but I can understand and somewhat respect the feeling that you get from being ganked where you feel it is an unfair advantage. So in order to fill my bloodlust urge, I got a group of around six to eight fellow PVPers and we ran straight into the areas of Iron Forge and Stormwind that were most crowded (aka the auctions houses and banks) and proceeded to engage in a little PVP. To be honest it was a lot of fun even when we were outnumbered with odds of six to one. Every now and then in guild someone says let's go to Iron Forge even now.

8. Blue Proto Drake

I had ran H UP over 100 times on my characters looking for this mount. I had seen it drop over 12 times and lost each roll pathetically. One night, in an all guild run I believe, it dropped again. I hit my /roll and lost it one more time, but this time it was to my wife. She knew how I had specifically been running H UP each day looking for this mount and she gave it to me and Pope is the proud owner of the drake now. (Thank you baby!) I still would like to get it for Ruhtra, but just having him on one of my characters is good enough for me.

7. Hearthstone

The single funniest moment I have ever been a part of occurred in Naxx. We were running one of our first guild raids and we stopped to group up before the final boss. One of our Hunters (who reportedly loves to smoke a special weed) went to feed his pet and ended up hearthing out of the raid. We were all sitting there just staring at him and wondering what he was doing. A few minutes later he realized he was no longer in Naxx and asked us how he got where he was. The vent erupted in laughter and even though it was an extremely long break it literally had to be the single funniest moment in our raid history (debatable). On his way back in after being summoned, he actually managed to get lost which naturally led to more laughter in vent and the guild taking "Because I Got High" as our unofficial theme song that we will still play when someone does something funny.

6. Undead Hobo

I do not know why, but one of my friends in the guild likes to take his undead Warrior and strip him of all his clothes save for a red Santa hat. Someone remarked about him looking like a hobo and from that day forward all I do is laugh when I see him standing there on the flight pad of Dalaran portraying the role of a hobo.

5. Oh My God!! You Killed Kenny! You Bastard!

We have a Rogue in our guild who has spent this expansion dieing in some of the most amazing ways. He has died so much that we have nicknamed him Kenny in honor of his horrific deaths. If there were a gold medal for deaths in WoW, then our Kenny would be the guy you are shooting to beat. We do not feel like it is a raid unless he dies within the first five seconds of the run. Often times as soon as he dies the mood will lighten and someone will remark that it is now an official MAS raid.

4. Drama

I bet you did not expect to see someone put drama in a top ten list for Wrath of the Lich King, but let's face the facts that this expansion was filled full of drama from my very own guild to the top ranked guild out there. Within my own guild, it really helped me to get a desire to focus on raiding and get behind our raid leader(s) and start pushing for success within the guild. Anyone remember the guild member who had received the GM item that would literally one shot Ulduar bosses? That created quite the stir when an unknown guild came out of the blue and was destroying Ulduar. How about the engineering bombs used on the Lich King? I think it is safe to say that we have definitely seen an expansion filled full of drama that is going to be memorable.

3. Phoenix and Tigers!

I am not one to pursue mounts exclusively but I am extremely happy that after what seems to be an eternity that Edyion was able to get her Zul'Gurub Tiger mount. I remember when she first started running to get it and she needed to take a healer with her and the tank. I remember many a day going in there and just spamming Flash of Light while her and the tank got in sync. I also am happy that she got her Phoenix vanity pet when I helped her with MGT. It has nothing to do with anything that I did, but instead the fact that I am generally excited and happy for any member of MAS when they have worked hard to acquire something that is as rare as the Tiger. So congratulations on all the mounts and pets and here is to many more members who get to acquire those things that they want.

2. Squeal(s)

I know kind of odd to list this, but I did because I love when I hear a loud eruption of squeals from the other side of our computer room. It typically means that something good has happened for my wife. For instance this week she got the Great Brewfest Kodo on one of her characters and she almost made me fall off my chair when she squealed in excitement from receiving it (I was completely focused on something in-game and was not running with her). It is like I said earlier, I genuinely get excited for my guild members when they get something special or earn a tough achievement so you know I am twice as excited when it is my wife.

1. _____________

This is reserved for killing the Lich King as a guild. We set out with one goal at the beginning of this expansion and I am fully expecting us to accomplish this goal. I will be even more excited because we are doing it without twenty five man content gear and on an extremely limited raiding schedule. At this time we are firmly able to go 10/12 and have had success to pushing Sindregosa below 20% health. The only thing that can stop us is ourselves.

So what about the rest of you out there? What is the highlights for you over the course of this expansion? Was there something you did that may seem insignificant to others but was a major milestone for you? Was there something you did not do that you are afraid you will not be able to do now?


Edyion said...

Awww Chief I am honored you added my conquests of that blasted tiger and the phoenix pet. I love doing random things with you guys. Also there is no way in HELL you are getting me on that rocket least not unless I am on my pally.

Ruhtra said...

Shit, anyone who grinds for a year and a half (probably longer) deserves the credit. Anyone who can convince me to give two shits about it, deserves an award.


RatherNotSay said...

The elusive Tiger mount will even be that much sweeter to have when ZG is removed.

I personally find it funny that you listed drama in the list. The expansion definitely saw a lot more drama than I can remember.