Thursday, September 30, 2010


No, I am not going to talk about the economy of WoW or the board game Monopoly (exactly). I am going to pose a question today. Has WoW become the Monopoly of MMO games? In other words, Monopoly (the board game) has been out for what seems an eternity and in order to sell it, the company every so many years will release "new" versions of it. I personally own several different versions of it myself. Allow me to take it one step farther and say that Monopoly has evolved to a point where you can no longer add new content to the game and so in order to keep it relevant you must change the appearance of the game in order to attract either niche markets or popular markets. Is not this similar to what we are seeing Blizzard doing with WoW?

My opinion is somewhere between yes and no. At this point, there is plenty of new content to be developed and released into WoW

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