Saturday, September 25, 2010

Looking For Two More ______________ Raiding Achievement! Need Two Tanks!

I was sitting in trade channel last night and was utterly amazed at the number of people who were spamming looking for either healers or tanks for specific raiding achievements. Do not get me wrong, I am all for you working on earning your raid achievements, but when it is for content like Ulduar do you really expect to put a PuG together that will complete this task?

I am not trying to belittle you or the raid itself, but the reality is that the achievements and hard modes in Ulduar can be some of the most difficult achievements to earn with a complete group of strangers. It is compounded when you are looking for two tanks or two healers who know the fights and are willing to spend the time trying to help you achieve this. I started thinking a little bit about this and I had to ask myself why the hell do you spam trade?

I understand that a lot of guilds are in stasis at this point of the expansion and so you may need a roster spot filled, but when you are doing trivial content and seeking experienced individuals I just do not see how you will get them. Then the thought hit me, why don't these spammers form a guild focused on doing these tasks? I mean they seem to think they have the know how to do the achievement. Most of them flaunt that they are gear checking and looking at achievements anyway. So why not just form a guild focused on this older content?

I think it is because these people are wanting to be carried. I do not mean to sound harsh, but no other reason makes sense to me. Why else would you ask people who have the achievement to come heal or tank for you? There is nothing for them to gain at that point unless they are seeking something specific such as fragments for a legendary item. So I ask you all out there, are any of you these trade channel spammers who are wanting someone who has nothing to gain to come out of the way and help you earn something why? Why do you want someone who has it and not take someone who is geared and qualified but lacking the achievement?

PS: I am not talking about ICC, but earlier content such as Ulduar.

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Ruhtra said...

I have seen a lot of this too and I would like to think it is someone on an alt who has experience. I have never sent a message from one of my alts though inquiring if I could go because I feel satisfied just having completed stuff on Ru.