Sunday, September 5, 2010

Short-term Break

I just wanted to come on here and wish everyone in the States a happy labor day! God knows that it is the common people like you and me who make this great country tick and you deserve your day! I also wanted to say that I appreciate the few folks who have inquired as to what is going on here with Holy Shock. The truth is that we are really good around here, just extremely busy. In the Ru household, we have learned that kindergarten is no laughing matter. They actually sent homework home to the parents! What the hell is up with that? Along with that, we are letting little Ru take after school activities and anyone who deals with children knows that it as much work for the parents as the kids. It is work that I am happy to do though. If you were wondering about Rather, he is doing well from his last communication to me. He has been busy with work and some other things and unfortunately just hasn't been devoting as much time to WoW as he use to. He reassurred me that he was still raging and pissed though and said not to worry. (Which of course makes me worry.)

I have not decided if/when I will be back to writing full time here at Holy Shock. I do not like to write things that are not well thought out and well written and right now I just do not have the time to commit to everything. Even my WoW time has been cut down as I have decided to not spend as much time in the game to combat the feeling of burn out. I refuse to write about the information regarding the beta unless it is confirmed by a blue post or I have tested it myself (which I have not). So if I am not playing and I am not goign to speculate, then the only thing for me to talk about is other facets of my life which I will not do from here. So in my leave, I am leaving the door open and the lights on. Feel free to look around and browse the older posts, there may be something there to make you chuckle and I will see you later.

Take care!

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