Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back In Black!!

Wow things look a little dead around here! Well, don't you fine people worry too much about all that shit! Ol' Rather is back from his long, long, long trip and I am ready to start writing again! First I want to say that I really missed everyone. Yes, even those of you who hate my fucking guts! I also want to say that there is no way in hell I would touch some of the subjects that have been going around lately. I am sure you know of the ones I speak. It has been good reading though, so thank you for that as well!

I am sorry I do not have much to talk about right now, but I am trying to get my thoughts in order and catch up on everything that is actually worth my time. The Cataclysm news front seems a little boring so I will leave that up to the boring bloggers to talk about. I have been working on leveling an alt through some battlegrounds lately and boy have battlegrounds become nothing more than a sorry place. We may spend some time talking PVP since I have been doing a little more of it in lieu of anything else, especially with limitted time.

I think for now I am going to focus on just writing on Fridays again. Most people are busy during the summer, but my life picks up and goes nuts come the fall and winter months. Rather out!

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