Friday, September 17, 2010

Alterac Failure

I have been sitting here for a while trying to find a way to convey my thoughts on what has become of my favorite battleground and the only words that can best describe are that it fucking sucks! I suppose now I should come up with some sort of justification to make a statement of this nature huh? Well, all I have to say is go run one and then report back your findings. I will admit that it has been a while since I worked on running battlegrounds, but with a desire to level a new character Alterac Valley has provided a wonderful resource or at least I thought it had. So out of four Alterac Valley runs last night, I managed to win one and lose three. I do not mind losing honestly. What I mind are the little twits who do not understand the goal of the battleground or I should say do not understand the proper way to accomplish the goal of said battleground. I realize that Alterac Valley is not the only one to be suffering from this problem, but it is the one that I love the most and therefore that makes it blog worthy to me.

The number one issue I have with running Alterac Valley now is the fact that no one will listen to the strategies that are proven to win in the battleground. I am sure that you all have heard the guy who comes into the battlegroup and starts shouting orders out. I am the first to admit that I hate this guy, but I am also smart enough to know that these strategies will generally work if they are followed with a few modifications. You need at least two tanks for the first bunker so that one tank can deal with the boss there and the second can wrangle in the spawned elemental. In additiona to this, you need yourself a couple of healers who can keep the tanks up. Typically you hope that they are slightly higher leveled or well geared lower leveled. Throw in some DPS and she goes down easy enough. Of the three losses I suffered, only one of the groups were able to take down the middle boss. That is quite sad I agree, but then you have to understand that they had one tank and an elemental Shaman healing. That is not going to get very far because as soon as the elemental spawned that Shaman was toast. This led to the crucifiction of the group that was trying to down her and ultimately to many of that group going else where because of said scrutiny. When will people learn that the belittling and name calling accomplishes nothing except making you look like a pric?

The second irritating thing is the player (and there is always one) who knows everything and belittles every one for their lack of skills. You also know this guy pretty well I am sure. He is typically not the guy at the top of the damage done, honorable kills, killing blows, or healing done list. No this guy usually is in the middle down towads the lower side. They are the ones who disagree with every strategy except for zerging Van and likes to drop his huge vocabulary through words like "lawls", "lulz", "nub", "noobs", and other such words. They rarely ever have an original idea and while they may have an achievement I am willing to bet that it is one they earned when they accidentally ended up in a pre-made group.

The third group of players who irritate me are the ones who just follow orders without thinking out the results. It is a great idea to follow the guy who gives instructions at the beginning of the battleground, but if you are in a group that is all low level and your objective requires you to take a target without aid, then you may want to speak up and request some help from a high level character. Trust me, at 71 a character is not going to be able to take down one of the 79 or 80 NPCs found scattered throughout the battleground. It is better to make this issue known upfront, than to give someone cause to start the bitching over a group not accomplishing their goals.

The fourth and final group of people who piss me off in Alterac Valley are the leaches! Those people who come in and do actually assist with an initial target and then proceed to do nothing from that point on. Sometimes they are just the smart AFKers and sometimes they are the loud obnoxious guy who is just trying to annoy everyone. No matter which one they are, they annoy me greatly because they could at least be used as canoon fauder for a higher level character.

You know I feel much better having let that out versus holding it in till it becomes a curse filled rant. So what about the rest of you PVPers out there? What battleground shananigans get under your skin? Even better, if you are one of the four types I mentioned, what makes you tick?


Ruhtra said...

I have been running some battlegrounds lately and they definitely can be challenging while leveling. I have really been spending a lot of time in PVP again connecting with my roots and enjoying the randomness of them.

Some days I am happy with the results and other days I just /faceplam in disbelief. I was fortunate to get a solid group the other night with Ruhtra in WSG and we managed to win the battleground in under seven minutes for the achievement. I was completely shocked because more often than not WSG breaks down into a fight in the middle after the first flag is captured on either side.

Also, on a side note I am feeling much more rested and things are settling down. Looking forward to getting back to writing around here soon!

RatherNotSay said...

Glad to see you are still alive there! If I were a facepalmer I would have a permament imprint of a hand on my face. Oh well, it is still fun getting in there and killing!

Also, it will be nice to see you writing again.