Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Raid Report

Welcome to the all new ongoing series titled The Raid Report! There is so much on my mind when it comes to raiding, I worry that one post per week may not be enough but we shall try our hardest to make it work! So I wanted to talk a little bit today about what you can expect out of this weekly series and also what I am hoping to cover. The first part is really simple, you can expect once a week to receive a post about raiding. What we are hoping to cover in these posts are a brief highlight of what MAS has been up to during the course of the week. When we discuss our own raids, we will be as open and honest as possible and attempt to share what has worked and what did not work during the course of the week. Also, because we like a little bit of humor in our post, we will also present the worst PuG of the raid award for each week! We will try to not make this out to be too negative, as we hope that our PuGs will actually be good and make for an uninteresting discussion. The sad truth is that we still end up seeing players who just quite do not understand what is going on and so they will be open for "discussion".

Another aspect of this series that I want to highlight will be the way that we handle certain situations around our raid composition. As a smaller strict ten man guild, certain situations prove somewhat more challenging for us than others because we lack some classes and their buffs. On the opposite side of the coin, because we are a smaller guild, we tend to know how we will react in certain situations. In other words, when the shit hits the fan, we know what to do and how to react. We are far from perfect and we definitely find interesting ways to struggle and that is part of the intrique of this sort of a series. None of us our professional gamers. Most of us are well past our teens and sadly approaching thirty or passed it. The one thing we all have in common is that we feel that raiding should be a fun experience. We also feel that raiding should be taken serious and that there is a certain level of dedication that is required in order to succeed. We have been ranked in the top ten for our server in strict ten man guilds and at this point would probably be in the top five had six of us not ran and defeated Lord Marrowgar in a twenty five man PuG. We are extemely proud of where we are and are relatively confident that it is just a short amount of time before we finally finish off ICC.

The last and final thing that I want to convey is that raiding can be a lot of fun. It doesn't have to seem like a second job. Yes, it does require some forethought and a slight amount of preparation, but this does not mean that it has to be serious. I have been in too many runs with other guilds where they really do treat each other like a piece of shit and you can sense it in their raids when it begins to start. There are some guilds that I love their people but one bad apple makes me avoid them like a plague. We truly strive to make the raids as enjoyable as possible, while still keeping a focus on the prize. I hope this comes through loud and clear because at the end of the day it is about having fun with a game. Yes, there are moments where you have to get the job done and there may be some uncomfortable talk about what areas you can improve in, but it should never ever be used to make someone feel like lesser of a person because they may not be the best and with that I am going to close this out.

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