Monday, August 9, 2010

Play That Funkeh Music!

So last night after working a ten hour shift and having been away from home for twelve hours, I came home and ate some late night dinner and chatted with my wife. I decided I would log on and check some auctions that I had posted with Ruhtra and then grab a quick random by healing. My wife hopped on as she was working late today and we ran something, I do not even remember what it was. Whatever it was, it was over and done and made no big mark on my brain. So I was going to go grind some reputation with Sporegar and my wife commented that she wouldn't mind running for a few more emblems on her hunter, Lovkinja. So I thought why not? It was the effin middle of the night, what could wrong?

Enter Trial of the Champion! I hate the damn instance with a passion! I always get retarded groups and players with the skill of a rock. I was not let down. Along with my wife and I, there was a fury warrior, death knight, and paladin tank. It took foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to get the jousting done! I can deal with players who are trying to gear, but I have a hard time dealing with people who just don't give a damn about how they play. Had it not been for my wife, I would have bailed on the group. So we drew the rogue, shaman, mage combo as our opponents. A tough group with players who know what is going on and are at least adequately geared and a nightmare for players who have no clue what is going on. So we start out alright, paladin does his thing and draws them in and the DPS do their thing. Mage decides to target me and blast me with loving drops of fire, which is really not that big of a deal as I can heal through it. As I am healing for a good five minutes I keep watching as our poor warrior and death knight have to keep running away from the boss. Then the paladin tank decides to start berating the DPS to do more. I would have cursed him out if it wasn't for it was taking everything I had to keep them all alive. After what seemed ten minutes of endless healing, the paladin drops group! The death knight tried to pick up the slack but was not geared to deal with it and down goes the group one by one.

I can honestly handle wiping and groups struggling. I am not an elitest snob and I am always willing to help groups out. One look at my gear and you can really see there is nothing left for me to need emblems for unless I want to complete a prot gear set (which I would never use). What I cannot deal with are effin little dumb asses who do not know their head from their own ass. This paladin was nerd raging at the DPS to do more for a good five minutes; however, had the dumb ass bothered to understand that tanking is more than standing in one spot and holding agro, then he might of realized that he needed to move his sorry ass out of the green pull of poison that was taxing the overgeared healer. Apparantly, he has taken tanking to a whole new level of tard. This dumb ass apparantly felt that the two melee DPS should be able to stand in the pull of poison and burn the bosses down. I was completey enraged at the ignorance of this guy, but to up and leave a group in the middle of a boss fight is really just completely wrong! So if you play on the US server of Bronzebeard and are Horde, please let Funkeh know what a terrible tank he truly is and also feel free to berate and belittle this asshole as you see fit. If you are in our battlegroup, I feel sorry for you if you get him. As for me, he is on my ignore list and hopefully that should keep me from ever having to heal his sorry ass again.

As for the rest of the run? We got a solid Druid who knew how to tank and while it was a little rough with low DPS from the death knight and the warrior, we did complete the run with no more wipes and only one death. I was happy as they both got some upgrades and my wife managed to get some emblems, but damn do I hate that horrible, horrible instance!