Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life Is Funny

It seems like every time I decide to start doing more with the blog that life jumps up and says "nuh-uh"! The last few weeks have been no different and while I make no apologies for my life being greater than a blog about gaming I do miss writing posts for the blog. That being said, as things start to settle down some I am hoping to start writing more and sharing what has been going on with my own adventures in Azeroth. Until then, allow me to give you a quick highlight of what I have been up to!


On the raiding front, we are making great progress. We one shot everything this week up until Dreamwalker and Blood Prince Council. Dreamwalker was a result of the tanks deciding they should only use one. I was against it, but allowed a few wipes and then made a recommendation to switch back to the normal way of two tanks and four healers and it worked as always. Blood Prince Council is just a nightmare for some of our raiders. The constant movement and activity seems to confuse some and then we also have to contend with raiders coming back who took the summer off. We called on the Blood Queen, as it was getting late and a few of the members needed to work the next morning. I am actually really pleased with the overall performance we have been getting and once the new and returning raiders get adjusted I am sure we will power on through and end this expansion with the final goal we had as a guild.


I have managed to gear all of my eighties to be useful in ICC and in fact have cleared (I believe) the first wing with each of them. I often tease that I am the switch hitter of the guild. Missing raid heals? Let me get Popebutch! Missing tank heals? Here comes Ruhtra! What, we need some melee DPS? You can have Whoopy or Ruhtra! One of our ranged didn't make it? Who you need, Emprius, Lrem, or Popebutch? About the only role I cannot fill is tanking and that is simply because I have not made a whole lot of attempts at tanking until the last couple months! I had been working with my Death Knight and enjoying him, but there are just so many Death Knights out there! So I decided to give my Warrior a try! I picked up some tanking gear and a sent some heirlooms to him and hit the game running. I actually have been doing my quests in the protection spec just to learn more about my abilities and I have to say I love it! I have tanked a few dungeons like Mauradon and they have been smooth and ran at what I consider to be a good pace. I cannot guarantee I will stick with tanking forever, but it has been a nice change of pace from dealing damaging and healing.


Well, I am almost done with the Loremaster for the Eastern Kingdoms with Ruhtra. I do not know if I will get the full Loremaster title before Cataclysm hits, but my goal is to complete the original content first. I also picked up the multi passenger mount from the Sons of Hodir faction and I am loving it. I really debated on spending eight thousand gold on something like that, but I wanted it for a couple reasons and at this point in the game what else was I going to spend it on? I am also debating on whether I want to go for the Insane achivement. I am thinking of putting this one on hold as I doubt I can devote time to grinding the reputations as well as completing the Loremaster achievement.

I am sure there is a lot of other things that I am not remembering, but hopefully we will get back on track around here sooner rather than later.

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