Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holeycow Talks Shop

I do not know if anyone ever read my old blog dedicated to Holeycow and his ways of making gold and to be honest I am not too horribly worried about. I pretty much ended that blog and just remained focused here on Holy Shock. I did not quit making gold though and today I want to talk a little bit about one of the easiest ways to make gold and perhaps a few thoughts on ways you can prepare to make gold once Cataclysm starts.

If you ask anyone who knows me, they can vouch that I do not level my professions very quickly (if at all). As a matter of fact, poor Ruhtra has been just about every profession in this game and never managed to make it past the vanilla level of the professions. As a way to fight back my burnt out feeling, I have decided to level the professions that I feel will be most useful to Ruhtra as a healer (which is completely not backed by anything other than my own personal opinion). Once again I picked enchanting for a couple reasons, one of which was that Ruhtra is the character I play the most and so the ability to d/e items is great and allows me to get a large amount of mats for enchanting. The second profession I settled on is jewelcrafting. Those dragon eye cuts are just too much for me to resist! I have also begun working on finishing out cooking, first aid, and fishing! That is a lot of work, is it not? Especially for a guy who has not done anything at all with the professions on this character!

I have a clear advantage this time though for leveling in the fact that I have characters who are already maxed out in both of these professions and I have learned a lot along the way with those two. The second advantage is that now you can level using Armor and Weapon Vellums and I am just so fortunate to have a character and a wife who can supply me with all the vellums that my little paladin heart can desire. To my surprise, the low level enchants from Vanilla have sold quite well for me. I am not talking about the weapon enchants from the end game of Vanilla either. No, I am talking about the things like +3 stamina! It got me thinking and so I focused only on making these types of enchants and in just a week of leveling my enchanting I have made over 1,600 gold on cheap enchants. It cost me nothing in mats as I had a vast resource of mats saved and plenty of items to d/e. Looking forward, I am relatively sure that this is an area that if you do not price gouge, then you will able to make a good amount of quick gold with minimal effort as a lot of players are leveling new characters and come Cataclysm there will be plenty of Goblins and Worgens in need of these handy little enchants. Enchants that if adequately priced will earn you a nice little paycheck as the current players of WoW tend to have much more gold and are even much lazier about doing this stuff for theirselves. What are you focusing on right now to make a little extra gold or that you plan to leverage come Cataclysm?

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