Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fighting It

The last few weeks I have been fighting against the "burned out" feeling that often besets players in WoW. I am realizing that I am becoming more aggrevated and brooding than is usual for me. This past Friday I had to force myself to log into WoW to raid. That struck me as odd since I was looking forward to it so much right up until it was time to actually raid. I struggled through raiding this past week and found myself irritated over every little thing that came up. It didn't matter if it was people who decided to AFK or not knowing a fight, I was just completely in a foul mood. I worked hard in an attempt to mask my aggrevation and I feel I did an alright job of it. I was definitely not as talkitive as I am at other times, but all and all I think I managed to not insult anyone.

After the raid, I spent some time thinking about what was bothering me and I think it is just that I have played the game for so long that it is starting to feel like a job. For example, on raid nights I try my best to log on about fifteen minutes early and begin inquiring if anyone needs flasks and to check on the fish feast status. In addition to just making sure we have ample items to cover those who may not come prepare, the last few weeks our raid leader has not been able to be on and that always adds a little bit more to what myself and others then have to concern ourselves with. Usually this sort of thing doesn't bother me, but it has just been a culmination of things and having realized it I have decided to get back to just enjoying the game.

So yesterday I packed up my ret gear and headed off to Felwood in search of the evil Furbogs. I spent roughly two days fighting them and in the end they became my twenty-fifth reputation at exalted and I received my trinket of Furbog love! My plan to counter this feeling is to focus on the small and sometimes even silly achievements. For instance, the last PVP night when we were running all over Iron Forge, I led our band of adventurers to where I could fish. I got my Diplomatic Fisherman achievement and cracked up everyone around by stopping in the middle of a raging battle to fish. I have decided that sometimes in WoW, you need to take a break from the job and just enjoy the game side of it. How about the rest of you? How and what do you do to combat the dog days of summer?


Edyion said...

As you probably know since I often chat with you while I do this, I have been spending more time on my Alliance toons and seeing the differences for myself before the expansion hits. I don't really know hot to explain why leveling two classes that I consider my mains again would really be that much fun to do again since I don't have any of the boosts I have on my main server but it is. Its also been kinda cool running the old instances I didn't run my first trip through the game as a BC baby with people actually of level for them. I figure by the time I get done there I will be recharged and ready to focus back on raiding and getting things I still want to do on my mains.

Ruhtra said...

I completely understand that and it is part of the reason I have my Alliance clones. For me though I was lucky and got to run a lot of those isntances at level, but I just need some good quality time with the Dwarves! I am kind of kicking around going after Loremaster as I do the rep grind for the big rep achievements. The other thing I want to do is get the 100 mounts finally. I actually added three this week and have about ten to twelve more I can buy if I can ever part with my gold...