Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life Is Funny

It seems like every time I decide to start doing more with the blog that life jumps up and says "nuh-uh"! The last few weeks have been no different and while I make no apologies for my life being greater than a blog about gaming I do miss writing posts for the blog. That being said, as things start to settle down some I am hoping to start writing more and sharing what has been going on with my own adventures in Azeroth. Until then, allow me to give you a quick highlight of what I have been up to!


On the raiding front, we are making great progress. We one shot everything this week up until Dreamwalker and Blood Prince Council. Dreamwalker was a result of the tanks deciding they should only use one. I was against it, but allowed a few wipes and then made a recommendation to switch back to the normal way of two tanks and four healers and it worked as always. Blood Prince Council is just a nightmare for some of our raiders. The constant movement and activity seems to confuse some and then we also have to contend with raiders coming back who took the summer off. We called on the Blood Queen, as it was getting late and a few of the members needed to work the next morning. I am actually really pleased with the overall performance we have been getting and once the new and returning raiders get adjusted I am sure we will power on through and end this expansion with the final goal we had as a guild.


I have managed to gear all of my eighties to be useful in ICC and in fact have cleared (I believe) the first wing with each of them. I often tease that I am the switch hitter of the guild. Missing raid heals? Let me get Popebutch! Missing tank heals? Here comes Ruhtra! What, we need some melee DPS? You can have Whoopy or Ruhtra! One of our ranged didn't make it? Who you need, Emprius, Lrem, or Popebutch? About the only role I cannot fill is tanking and that is simply because I have not made a whole lot of attempts at tanking until the last couple months! I had been working with my Death Knight and enjoying him, but there are just so many Death Knights out there! So I decided to give my Warrior a try! I picked up some tanking gear and a sent some heirlooms to him and hit the game running. I actually have been doing my quests in the protection spec just to learn more about my abilities and I have to say I love it! I have tanked a few dungeons like Mauradon and they have been smooth and ran at what I consider to be a good pace. I cannot guarantee I will stick with tanking forever, but it has been a nice change of pace from dealing damaging and healing.


Well, I am almost done with the Loremaster for the Eastern Kingdoms with Ruhtra. I do not know if I will get the full Loremaster title before Cataclysm hits, but my goal is to complete the original content first. I also picked up the multi passenger mount from the Sons of Hodir faction and I am loving it. I really debated on spending eight thousand gold on something like that, but I wanted it for a couple reasons and at this point in the game what else was I going to spend it on? I am also debating on whether I want to go for the Insane achivement. I am thinking of putting this one on hold as I doubt I can devote time to grinding the reputations as well as completing the Loremaster achievement.

I am sure there is a lot of other things that I am not remembering, but hopefully we will get back on track around here sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holeycow Talks Shop

I do not know if anyone ever read my old blog dedicated to Holeycow and his ways of making gold and to be honest I am not too horribly worried about. I pretty much ended that blog and just remained focused here on Holy Shock. I did not quit making gold though and today I want to talk a little bit about one of the easiest ways to make gold and perhaps a few thoughts on ways you can prepare to make gold once Cataclysm starts.

If you ask anyone who knows me, they can vouch that I do not level my professions very quickly (if at all). As a matter of fact, poor Ruhtra has been just about every profession in this game and never managed to make it past the vanilla level of the professions. As a way to fight back my burnt out feeling, I have decided to level the professions that I feel will be most useful to Ruhtra as a healer (which is completely not backed by anything other than my own personal opinion). Once again I picked enchanting for a couple reasons, one of which was that Ruhtra is the character I play the most and so the ability to d/e items is great and allows me to get a large amount of mats for enchanting. The second profession I settled on is jewelcrafting. Those dragon eye cuts are just too much for me to resist! I have also begun working on finishing out cooking, first aid, and fishing! That is a lot of work, is it not? Especially for a guy who has not done anything at all with the professions on this character!

I have a clear advantage this time though for leveling in the fact that I have characters who are already maxed out in both of these professions and I have learned a lot along the way with those two. The second advantage is that now you can level using Armor and Weapon Vellums and I am just so fortunate to have a character and a wife who can supply me with all the vellums that my little paladin heart can desire. To my surprise, the low level enchants from Vanilla have sold quite well for me. I am not talking about the weapon enchants from the end game of Vanilla either. No, I am talking about the things like +3 stamina! It got me thinking and so I focused only on making these types of enchants and in just a week of leveling my enchanting I have made over 1,600 gold on cheap enchants. It cost me nothing in mats as I had a vast resource of mats saved and plenty of items to d/e. Looking forward, I am relatively sure that this is an area that if you do not price gouge, then you will able to make a good amount of quick gold with minimal effort as a lot of players are leveling new characters and come Cataclysm there will be plenty of Goblins and Worgens in need of these handy little enchants. Enchants that if adequately priced will earn you a nice little paycheck as the current players of WoW tend to have much more gold and are even much lazier about doing this stuff for theirselves. What are you focusing on right now to make a little extra gold or that you plan to leverage come Cataclysm?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Play That Funkeh Music!

So last night after working a ten hour shift and having been away from home for twelve hours, I came home and ate some late night dinner and chatted with my wife. I decided I would log on and check some auctions that I had posted with Ruhtra and then grab a quick random by healing. My wife hopped on as she was working late today and we ran something, I do not even remember what it was. Whatever it was, it was over and done and made no big mark on my brain. So I was going to go grind some reputation with Sporegar and my wife commented that she wouldn't mind running for a few more emblems on her hunter, Lovkinja. So I thought why not? It was the effin middle of the night, what could wrong?

Enter Trial of the Champion! I hate the damn instance with a passion! I always get retarded groups and players with the skill of a rock. I was not let down. Along with my wife and I, there was a fury warrior, death knight, and paladin tank. It took foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to get the jousting done! I can deal with players who are trying to gear, but I have a hard time dealing with people who just don't give a damn about how they play. Had it not been for my wife, I would have bailed on the group. So we drew the rogue, shaman, mage combo as our opponents. A tough group with players who know what is going on and are at least adequately geared and a nightmare for players who have no clue what is going on. So we start out alright, paladin does his thing and draws them in and the DPS do their thing. Mage decides to target me and blast me with loving drops of fire, which is really not that big of a deal as I can heal through it. As I am healing for a good five minutes I keep watching as our poor warrior and death knight have to keep running away from the boss. Then the paladin tank decides to start berating the DPS to do more. I would have cursed him out if it wasn't for it was taking everything I had to keep them all alive. After what seemed ten minutes of endless healing, the paladin drops group! The death knight tried to pick up the slack but was not geared to deal with it and down goes the group one by one.

I can honestly handle wiping and groups struggling. I am not an elitest snob and I am always willing to help groups out. One look at my gear and you can really see there is nothing left for me to need emblems for unless I want to complete a prot gear set (which I would never use). What I cannot deal with are effin little dumb asses who do not know their head from their own ass. This paladin was nerd raging at the DPS to do more for a good five minutes; however, had the dumb ass bothered to understand that tanking is more than standing in one spot and holding agro, then he might of realized that he needed to move his sorry ass out of the green pull of poison that was taxing the overgeared healer. Apparantly, he has taken tanking to a whole new level of tard. This dumb ass apparantly felt that the two melee DPS should be able to stand in the pull of poison and burn the bosses down. I was completey enraged at the ignorance of this guy, but to up and leave a group in the middle of a boss fight is really just completely wrong! So if you play on the US server of Bronzebeard and are Horde, please let Funkeh know what a terrible tank he truly is and also feel free to berate and belittle this asshole as you see fit. If you are in our battlegroup, I feel sorry for you if you get him. As for me, he is on my ignore list and hopefully that should keep me from ever having to heal his sorry ass again.

As for the rest of the run? We got a solid Druid who knew how to tank and while it was a little rough with low DPS from the death knight and the warrior, we did complete the run with no more wipes and only one death. I was happy as they both got some upgrades and my wife managed to get some emblems, but damn do I hate that horrible, horrible instance!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fighting It

The last few weeks I have been fighting against the "burned out" feeling that often besets players in WoW. I am realizing that I am becoming more aggrevated and brooding than is usual for me. This past Friday I had to force myself to log into WoW to raid. That struck me as odd since I was looking forward to it so much right up until it was time to actually raid. I struggled through raiding this past week and found myself irritated over every little thing that came up. It didn't matter if it was people who decided to AFK or not knowing a fight, I was just completely in a foul mood. I worked hard in an attempt to mask my aggrevation and I feel I did an alright job of it. I was definitely not as talkitive as I am at other times, but all and all I think I managed to not insult anyone.

After the raid, I spent some time thinking about what was bothering me and I think it is just that I have played the game for so long that it is starting to feel like a job. For example, on raid nights I try my best to log on about fifteen minutes early and begin inquiring if anyone needs flasks and to check on the fish feast status. In addition to just making sure we have ample items to cover those who may not come prepare, the last few weeks our raid leader has not been able to be on and that always adds a little bit more to what myself and others then have to concern ourselves with. Usually this sort of thing doesn't bother me, but it has just been a culmination of things and having realized it I have decided to get back to just enjoying the game.

So yesterday I packed up my ret gear and headed off to Felwood in search of the evil Furbogs. I spent roughly two days fighting them and in the end they became my twenty-fifth reputation at exalted and I received my trinket of Furbog love! My plan to counter this feeling is to focus on the small and sometimes even silly achievements. For instance, the last PVP night when we were running all over Iron Forge, I led our band of adventurers to where I could fish. I got my Diplomatic Fisherman achievement and cracked up everyone around by stopping in the middle of a raging battle to fish. I have decided that sometimes in WoW, you need to take a break from the job and just enjoy the game side of it. How about the rest of you? How and what do you do to combat the dog days of summer?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

If you read my wife's blog, then you know that we just celebrated our seventh year of marriage. (GO US!!!) So you will have to excuse me if I do not have anything posted up today, but sometimes (as I always say) real life is far more important that WoW! I hope you had a happy anniversary baby!

The Raid Report

Welcome to the all new ongoing series titled The Raid Report! There is so much on my mind when it comes to raiding, I worry that one post per week may not be enough but we shall try our hardest to make it work! So I wanted to talk a little bit today about what you can expect out of this weekly series and also what I am hoping to cover. The first part is really simple, you can expect once a week to receive a post about raiding. What we are hoping to cover in these posts are a brief highlight of what MAS has been up to during the course of the week. When we discuss our own raids, we will be as open and honest as possible and attempt to share what has worked and what did not work during the course of the week. Also, because we like a little bit of humor in our post, we will also present the worst PuG of the raid award for each week! We will try to not make this out to be too negative, as we hope that our PuGs will actually be good and make for an uninteresting discussion. The sad truth is that we still end up seeing players who just quite do not understand what is going on and so they will be open for "discussion".

Another aspect of this series that I want to highlight will be the way that we handle certain situations around our raid composition. As a smaller strict ten man guild, certain situations prove somewhat more challenging for us than others because we lack some classes and their buffs. On the opposite side of the coin, because we are a smaller guild, we tend to know how we will react in certain situations. In other words, when the shit hits the fan, we know what to do and how to react. We are far from perfect and we definitely find interesting ways to struggle and that is part of the intrique of this sort of a series. None of us our professional gamers. Most of us are well past our teens and sadly approaching thirty or passed it. The one thing we all have in common is that we feel that raiding should be a fun experience. We also feel that raiding should be taken serious and that there is a certain level of dedication that is required in order to succeed. We have been ranked in the top ten for our server in strict ten man guilds and at this point would probably be in the top five had six of us not ran and defeated Lord Marrowgar in a twenty five man PuG. We are extemely proud of where we are and are relatively confident that it is just a short amount of time before we finally finish off ICC.

The last and final thing that I want to convey is that raiding can be a lot of fun. It doesn't have to seem like a second job. Yes, it does require some forethought and a slight amount of preparation, but this does not mean that it has to be serious. I have been in too many runs with other guilds where they really do treat each other like a piece of shit and you can sense it in their raids when it begins to start. There are some guilds that I love their people but one bad apple makes me avoid them like a plague. We truly strive to make the raids as enjoyable as possible, while still keeping a focus on the prize. I hope this comes through loud and clear because at the end of the day it is about having fun with a game. Yes, there are moments where you have to get the job done and there may be some uncomfortable talk about what areas you can improve in, but it should never ever be used to make someone feel like lesser of a person because they may not be the best and with that I am going to close this out.