Monday, July 26, 2010

Who Is Your Main?

A week or so back, one of our officers posted a question in our guild forums asking what is the class that we are planning to level in Cataclysm. That is an excellent question. I took the question to not necessarily mean who is my main character, but which of my characters do I intend to level for raiding purposes. That is an even better question for some of us. We have several members of our guild who have multiple level eighties. I personally have five, my wife has four, and a few others have three or more as well. I naturally responded and stated that Ruhtra would be my first to level to cap and along with him I would also look to level Popebutch (my Priest).

My initial thought is that Ruhtra is who I am most comfortable with and Pope is probably who would be most beneficial to the guild for raiding considerations. My thoughts are also somewhat jaded as I struggled to get Ru into PuGs and guild runs because there is such a flood of Paladins out there. I have litterally been every spec in this expansion and have three very nice gear sets because of it. I leveled Pope in order to see if Priest healing was as enjoyable as Paladin healing. I learned a couple things along the way while testing the priestly waters. The first thing is that I miss my plate armor! Yeah, with Ru I often take hits from mobs and some bosses without fear. Not so much with Pope. On a side note, I definitely see why people complain about their sissy robes. The second thing I learned is that Priest healing is a lot of fun. There are so many different dynamics to it and so much utlity that it could be overwhelming. In fact, it is overwhelming to some people and those are typically the folks who queue as healers and then try to switch to shadow. That being said, a Priest definitely brings a lot to the table in terms of buffs, heals, and utility.

The downside is that there is so much going on and so much utility that I am afraid it may take an entire expansion before I felt truly comfortable with playing the class. You see with Ru, I have been healing almost since day one. I do not even need to think about what is going on. With Pope, I not only have to think what is going on, but I have to try to remember where my hot keys are and not look for Holy Shock in my "oh shit" moments. A couple other things I learned about myself along the way. I truly love the Paladin way of healing and not the "spam _____ spell" method that is often associated with us. I have realized that when played well, a Paladin can bring quite a bit more than just one really huge healing spell. I think it took me playing another healing class in depth to really appreciate what Ru brings to the table.

At the end of this little question, my answer is that Ruhtra is going to be my main healer. So what about the rest of you out there who have multiple level capped characters? Is there one that is your main no matter what or are you planning a change come the expansion?


Gronthe said...

My first healer was a Shaman, simple, very few but powerful spells. A couple bits of utility mixed in for fun. Then I too tried healing with a priest (mainly dps as shadow though). What a difference! There are more healing spells that a priest can throw out than there are keys on my keyboard, or so it feels sometimes. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but I have tons on the priest. I've found Disc to be especially fitting to my tastes.

Up till now my Shaman healer has been my "main", but I'm turning him into a pure DPSer (Enh/Ele), and will make my priest my main healer. Two mains, that's my answer, but switching what they do most of in wrath.

Ruhtra said...

@ Gronthe

I hear you on the keybinds man. I have had my entire guild rolling in laughter when I run with my Priest because I often "lose" spells or entire bindings. My off is Shadow and I love that spec and may look at more of a PVP future with Pope. My biggest issue is that I love all of the characters and want them all capped and viable sources come Cataclysm.

In reality, for planning ahead picking Ruhtra just makes more sense and then selecting one other to bring along so that it provides some flexibility since my wife also has a Holy Pali as her main is the way that I shall go....this week.