Monday, July 19, 2010

Trolls Are Trolls

So the other night I ran some randoms picking up a few triumph emblems in hopes of finishing off my Holy gear set for Pope. My wife was running with me and that always makes me feel good to know that I will at least have gotten one player who has a solid understanding of how runs are supposed to go and also what their rotation and spec should resemble. So we pop into queue and in five seconds we get H Occ! I personally love this instance and my wife loathes the place. So she gets her few gripes out of the way while I buff (I keep wanting to say bless) the party. We set out on our merry way and one particular player catches my eye, a retribution Paladin sporting heirloom gear. I love fresh level capped characters, especially when I know that they have already leveled at least one character and ran enough random heroics to have the BoA Heirloom gear. I honestly do not remember the rest of the party, but nothing overly special since I cannot even think of the composition.

So we start out and the Paladin goes charging ahead of the tank and the group and pulls the first group. The tank (who I just remembered is a DK) pulled agro back and proceeded to maintain the agro. I chuckled to myself as I watched the Paladin through this run. He wasn't doing anything horribly wrong that I could not Renew him through, but I am sure the tank was getting tired of him by the end of the run. The poor guy would just charge ahead and expect the tank to pull agro off of him or for the healer (aka me) to keep him alive. I laughed and told my wife I really wanted to let him die, but in truth it takes way too long to wait for someone to run back into Occ, especially if you are towards the half way mark. We made it through the run and I did give the Paladin marks for killing the adds of the final boss who decided they wanted a piece of my green drake's hide. We said our thanks, good groups, and see you laters and I departed group back to Dalaran chuckling to myself about this Paladin.

So why did he crack me up so? To be honest, he knew his DPS rotation very well but was lacking on his overall knowledge of the utility abilities such as his hand spell that reduces threat or his ability to provide blessings to the party. I use to become really angered by these types of players because I felt it showed an attitude of who cares, but now they either amuse me or I just feel sorry for them. You know the kind! Anyone ran with the Rogue who goes nuts burning all the cool downs on multiple mobs only to pull agro and die? Had they realized they had ToT (Tricks of the Trade) they could of tricked the tank and then went all gung ho on the baddies and had improved the over all experience for the entire group. Instead they have found theirselves to be content with being just average and you know what? I am completely fine with that. I have come to accept that not everyone wishes to play the game the same way.

I know in the past I have been pretty hard on those players who choose to show up in a random with unchanted gear, sockets missing gem, and in some cases the completely wrong type of gear; however, it really just does not bother me anymore. If I get a group that looks like it will struggle, then I simply apologize and excuse myself from the run. I honestly do not care about a half hour "penalty" if the group will spend an hour trying to down the very first boss. I still believe whole heartedly in helping people and doing what I can to guarantee a smooth run, but it has been tempered by those same individuals who show up and either have no clue what they are doing or simply do not care if they are lessening the fun had by others. I will usually drop a suggestion and if I see it being utilized then I am willing to stick with the group. If it is met with a rude comment from the person it was intended to help or another party member, then I will simply bow out of the run rather than subject myself to the incompetance that will follow.

I know it is a different post for me to write but I have seen some of the worst behavior out of people in random heroics the last few weeks that at the first sign of this behavior I would rather just leave than stick around for them to get whatever attention they feel that they need. To me the people who play the game without taking the time to learn what they are doing are the very same as the trade chat trolls, you simply get tricked into feeding them in a different manner. My advice to everyone is do not feed the trolls. Do not acknowledge their bad behavior. Do not get into a war of words. Especially, do not give them what they truly crave.....attention.


Eus said...

I'll show you gripe...

RatherNotSay said...

I have to agree that I think the increase in players acting up or ruining the experience of others in randoms is mostly driven by wanting attention.

I think some players love seeing their names listed in an official WoW forum or even finding them in a random blog post.

This is the sole reason I refuse to mention any truly bad players. That and I want those of you out there to worry if you have ran with me and I am talking about you! Yeah I am looking right at you!