Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rose Colored Classes

I want to let you all know that you do not need to worry about Ol' Rather, I am doing well but I have just been really, really, really, really busy lately! Yeah, that damn busy. I have been keeping my hand on the pulse of recent events and happenings though so don't you worry none bout me! Now, let's jump into what I want to talk about today which is in direct relation to a post made over at Honor's Code. You see Honor's is getting a little upset that the designers over at Blizzard seem to not be able to get a grip on what they want for Paladins after six years and you know what? I agree with him. I mean I fucking hate the fact that Paladins are a faceroll class and any caveman can sit down and play one.

Sorry guys, but it is true! That being said, I don't agree with a lot of the decisions they are making with changes to certain play styles and mechanics. Alright, so let me formulate a valid argument rather than a curse filled rant. Let's examine the changes they announced a while back for healers. They want all healers to have a small, fast heal that is high in mana cost. They also want a solid medium heal that will be the go to heal, and then the big bomb heal that is used for those moments when we know large amounts of damage are incoming. In addition they are trying to make sure that every class has a nice little AoE type of heal. Oh and they want some sort of gimic type spell that is a signature spell of the class. It sounds good in theory, but in practice I hate being a raid healer. When I heal I typically take a class and spec that specializes in tank healing. Why? Because I like healing tanks. I do not want all these other spells cluttering up my tool box. Instead, why not build on holy Paladins and discipline Priests as being the specialist for tank healing? Let the restoration Druids, Shaman, and holy Priests focus on raid healing and buff their abilities for this. I know that they want to push the whole concept of bring the player and not the class, but for fucks sake we picked the classes that we want to play and if they would just quit fucking with the damn specs we would be much happier than getting a damn new shiny spell.

Another thing that bugs me is their constant attempts at "balancing" between PVP and PVE. I understand all the different things that must go into play, but they have a couple stats that are not used effectively or efficiently. Those stats are Resilience, Armor Penetration, and Spell Penetration. If I were to suggest one thing, utilize these stats to build the PVP talents around. In other words, use them for what they were originally intended for. Resilience is pretty simple, increase how much damage Resilience will absorb. Yes, it may increase a match by a minute or so, but it is the simple solution to counter overpowered raiders coming in stomping a hole in those who choose to only run in PVP. Armor Pentration and Spell Penetration would be the counters to Resilience. Then all you need to do is build specific talents which will increase these specific stats which would make them completely useless in PVE and highly valuable in PVP. Yes, I know it is not as easy as I present. I know there must be computations and calculations. I realize that there would need to be statistical data and a ton of play testing to make sure that there would be no loop holes, but would it not be better to recalibrate specific talents for a purely PVP situation than to rebuild entire classes in an attempt to balance out the game?

I do not want to give the impression that I hate everything that they are doing. In fact there are two pure win moves that they are planning to implement in the change to Hunters and Death Knights. I think the Hunter change is long overdue since the use of mana really never made much sense. As for the Death Knights, I think by putting the bulk of the tanking talents into one tree will only help the class over all. Right now most Death Knights have no clue what to spec for or how to even begin to compile a rotation. Yes there is plenty of information out there at sites like Tankspot and Elitest Jerks, but I dare say that the average "anal" joke telling Death Knight is going to have the mental capacity to understand what they are reading. Don't hate me guys, I am just trying to be honest and keep it real. It is a pure win for your class and now lets every Death Knight know that if they want to be considered a serious tank, then you best have the right spec.

I know I cannot be alone in thinking these things, am I? Rather out!


Ruhtra said...

I do not mind changes that have a validity to them. My concern is that they make changes so quickly sometimes with the Paladin class that I wonder if they truly give it a fair shake.

That being said, some of the new stuff that just came out I am viewing very questionably at this time. Now we have "Holy Power" which will increase abilities? Part of me rolled my eyes while reading about this and part of me felt it was interesting.

Deep down I wish they would have left the Holy side of things alone because the changes they are talking about make me question if for the first time in playing WoW that I may give up my Paladin and take a class that is more stable. I am tired of relearning my class. To that end, I am trying to take a wait and see attitude and not rage about how I hate these changes.

Zelmaru said...

One major reason I switched from my (disc) priest to my druid is that I wanted to nevah evah tank heal evah. Because I hate it.

I know this isn't the same - but it feels like choosing a class that does ranged dps because you hate to melee, only to have melee capabilities added in later.

But I get why they need to do it. It's hard enough to find healers as it is, and you can't be totally screwed if you have the wrong "lineup" of healers.

RatherNotSay said...

@ Ruhtra

I understand your feelings, you should rage more about these. That being said my whole issue is that they are constantly rebalancing to make the game equal (so to say) between all specs and all classes for all things. That just does not work.

@ Zelmaru

I understand what you mean and I understand their reasoning but instead of changing the classes constantly start to form some roles for the class trees. X tree is the tank healer spec, Y tree is the raid healer tree, z tree is the dps tree. Once you settle on that, you can then mix in the talents into those trees that you want affiliated with the roles. As it is now, you have so many talents scattered in other trees that it just does not force people to pick one tree and develop their character around that. That is a long thought and probably came out a little skewered, but I may expand on it in my next post because I think it is extremely relevant.