Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time To Celebrate!

Oh yeah, one more goal in a list that is getting slightly smaller every day it seems. This guy right here has been the one thing that has taunted me beyond any thing else. Which Proto Drake is it you ask? Why it is the Blue Proto Drake from H UP but of course! This guy right here has dropped for me ten times! Ten times I have seen him and ten times I have lost him! That was until a few of us ran a random heroic and yet one more time my dear sweet little taunting Blue Proto Drake decided to show up. This time, I had a fearless Hunter with me who took careful aim and nabbed that mean old Proto Drake! They then graciously traded him to me for nothing other than the fact they know how much I wanted this little fellow! So to my wife and to her Hunter, Lovkinja, a great big thanks from me to you! See guys, one more reason that playing with your signifigant other is a good thing!

I also want to wish everyone a very happy fourth of July here in the states! I sat around the house on Saturday and watched some old John Wayne movies that he had made about World War II and that got me to thinking about a Great Uncle of mine who recently passed away. He was a young sailor during World War II and his aircraft carrier went down in the Pacific. He watched as other young men were burned alive, drowned under huge chunks of ship, and even attacked by sharks. He was fortunate, he made it home and spent the rest of his life working hard, supporting his family, and giving freely of his time to go to schools to share the events that took place during his time in the Navy. I guess to some, this time of year is all about the fireworks and celebrations but let's not forget the veterans who helped keep this freedom for us. Like my wife said on her blog, freedom isn't free. I also will probably go and sit down and watch the Patriot because it seems fitting for this time of year and also because it is a pretty damn good movie. Enjoy the celebrations and stay safe out there!


Eus said...

Who loves you? Yeah, you better know it! LOL Ms. Lov didn't have to do it but I couldn't let her have it all for herself. I know it would have crushed you if I took it LOL. I do have a heart, believe it or not, so I just couldn't do it. Much love hubby, much love (gives some crazy gang sign)

And please remember those who gave their lives and those who still continue to serve the great USA. Freedom is not free.

RatherNotSay said...

Grats on the mount!