Friday, July 16, 2010

Healer Pimpslap

So, here is another interesting tale, brought to you by one of my other 9,584 alts. Sacerdotessa is my priest that I've been leveling and have made it to level 60. Her main spec is Shadow, which I love. Several days ago I decided to dual spec her to Discipline. I actually enjoy the healing disc aspect. It reminds me of my dear ol' Eusymae.

Anyways, Wednesday night I decided to hop on and play so I logged onto Sac. I que'd up for a random and got Ramps. I had a great group of people with the exception of the tank. Many /facepalms went all around at this poor soul. Once again, bear with me folks because as I've stated before, I give credit where it is due but I also have to flame where it is needed. I'm not all Negative Nancy ya know..

We had a DK tank, a ret pally in Skrills-Darkspear, a hunter in Riskar-Bloodscalp, another fellow D-spiner Shaman in Shamayonaise, and myself healing on Sac. As many other healers complain as I do, my complaint is letting the healer get mana. Even after I openly told him in party, followed by whisper to the tank, we kept banging our heads against the wall with this fellow. He just kept pulling, with no response to my pleas. It was to the point that I had four tanks. Every one of them has aggro and it became a real feat of strength for poor Sac to keep everyone up. We all tried to tell him to switch from his blood presence to frost presence. The tank still never responded.

Finally when we get to the first boss I just finally had enough. We all died, me being the last to stand. Sham resurrected himself then me. We get everyone else up except for the tank. Between myself, Sham and Skrills, we refused to rez the tank. And we were very open about it. In fact, we never resurrected him. Then the tank decided to stay in ghost form and not come back to the instance. At this point Sac let loose on Mr. TardTank and I let him know that he was now griefing and that it was a reportable offense and it did not matter to me how he wanted to play this out. And that futhermore I would not be healing him if he continued to act in sucha manner. On top of that, I offered to leave with Sac and bring in Eus to tank, knowing that he wanted to be a complete ass about it and that Sham and I were on the same server, so easy invite could commence.

Skrills at this point earned her shiny gold star because she stepped in to tank, and did a superb job. Ris and Sham also stepped up and did a great job on their dps. We four manned the entire instance and finished it without any trouble. Mr. TardTank finally realized I was not messing around when he finally ran in twice during our runs and myself, nor anybody else healed him. At the second boss he made a parting comment, something about us being asses and left the party. With much rejoicing and laughter, we completed Ramps with no problems. At the end of the run Skrills made her wish known that she would like to dual spec prot someday, and I hope she does. She stepped up to the plate and offered to tank, in ret spec with no righteous fury turned on. She rocked it and I want everyone to know that these three players should be commended for playing a game and not acting like an ass.

As for the tank, I hope you learned your lesson. First, learn a little bit about your class before coming in at level 60 and thinking you are a pimp. Because you are not. Sorry. No way. Nuh uh. Nada. Nope. Fugedaaboudit. Until Cata comes out, use Frost Presence. It saves many headaches, bitchings, and facepalms later on down the road. And again, no member of the party was mean to this fellow. We were trying to help him and give suggestions and advice. If it falls on deaf ears, so be it. You made your decision, and I made mine. And apparently, so did everyone else.

So, for future and also up and coming tanks, please read or ask for advice on how to tank DK, Bear, Pally, Warrior, or "insert here any kind of" style before jumping in. There are forums, blogs and I'm sure other friends/guild members to ask or find out information. Also, I'm sure rational people can tell the difference when people are being mean to you and when people are trying to help you. If you can tell the difference, then you should either A)leave the party, B)shut up and deal with it, it'll be over before you know it, or C) don't act like a complete ass and do your job!

Is that too much to ask? Apparently so. I still have hope though, silly me. And Healers, remember, REMEMBER to keep the Healer Pimpslap strong!


RatherNotSay said...

Keep the pimphand strong!!

Ruhtra said...

I am a firm believe that when all else fails and a tank will not listen to reason then just let them die. Sometimes extreme situations call for extreme measures.

That being said, I do attempt to drop hints or politely whisper my tanks if there is an issue. While gearing my Priest, I was very upfront in explaining that I was a horrible Priest and if they attempted to go ninety miles an hour it could lead to disastrous results. Some tanks chuckled and said no worries and took care of things while others were assholes and made my life very miserable.