Sunday, June 13, 2010

So, I have two things on my mind and I couldn't wait until my next official day to rant, so you get a special Sunday post by Ol' Rather (hope you don't mind Ruhtra)! Well, I wouldn't say rant so much as just say that I couldn't disagree more with the perspectives of the two things. So here we go!

The Lost Effect In WoW? (Click here to read the post)

Feel free to go and read the article. A couple things that I completely disagree with is that Arthas was the one and only bad guy! The writer referenced to the fact that they had been playing since Warcraft III! One question I had was that if the writer had bothered to play Warcraft or Warcraft II. If they had, then they would know that there are other bad guys out there. I also have to question if the writer has read any of the books that have been written. The lore in the game is much deeper and richer than just Arthas Menethil. For instance, if you are contributing to Arthas being the only bad guy and that killing Deathwing is just going and killing another Dragon, then I would dare say you need to go and read the series of "War of the Ancients" as you see Deathwing has a much deeper and more lore driven story of any other character in this series. Who is the one who made it possible for the corrupted Horde to use Red Drakes to fly? Who took over an entire kingdom in the guise of an advisor in Alterac. I would dare say that anyone who would claim that the game is over and there is no more tales to be told or true villains to be known has not truly immersed theirself in all of the lore and should go out and spend some quality time reading these fine novels which enhances the lore of Warcraft and not just read the quests in the games.

The thing I do agree with is that I hope that Blizzard continues to be creative with the story of the heroes we have come to know and love. I think Blizzard did a good job in this expansion for writing the lore into the actual quests. You just didn't get the "go and kill 50 of this" type of quests. Instead you had quests that were all part of a larger story. I must admit that I hate that we had the Nexxus War, an old god, and the Lich King all crammed into one expansion, but if you spend the time to read the quests then you will see that Blizzard did a great job of making sure to interweave the lore into the game. They gave you a reason as to why you were going out and killing Malygos (who by the way was driven to madness and almost had his flight wiped out by Deathwing). That type of storytelling was not present in the Burning Crusade expansion, but Blizzard came back strong in Wrath of the Lich King to give a fitting end to Arthas and prepare the world for the next major shift in power.

Taking Credit For Doing What Was Intended (Click here to read the post)

So typically I read Gevlon's blog and laugh to myself and move on. Sometimes I may make an off-handed remark referring to the little green fellow, but I feel I need to speak up and say that he is completely full of horseshit when he makes comments like:

"At first, despite what naysayers said, we managed to cause impact. A single guild turned the balance of a server upside down for a week, forcing several guilds to do a coordinated response.

Secondly, it created the first competitive large-group PvP in WoW. PvP was always a sideline in WoW, despite for a skilled player PvP is the only way to be sure he is not eating something nerfed. You can't nerf other players. With arenas, competitive PvP became available in WoW, but only in very small scale. The largest group available is 5-man strong, there is no way to conduct epic-scale strategic battles. While battlegrounds had the potential, the ability to "farm" honor via chain-losing changed them into a stupid zergfest. Theoretically you can play in battlegrounds with an organized team, but that's not competitive. A premade easily smash any PuG. Also, Blizzard has disabled queuing up as raid to the random and weekend BGs, allowing honor and arena point rewards to only those who queue up into a zergfest and lucky enough to get less brain-dead than the other team."
See the trick with Gevlon is that he weaves the truth in with his own narrow-minded view point and then labels anyone who opposes his view as a "social" or "M&S" and then proceeds to insult them and find ways to discredit them. We have seen such behavior in history from similar type personalities and I will leave your mind to figure out who I may/may not be referencing. I want to go back to my thought though before I lose it. Gevlon actually described his own WG in his second paragraph. You see he went in there with his team and had a game plan. Seeings as his side is much smaller, it is much easier to coordinate and organize an offensive or counteroffensive. As the Alliance have been losing so long, they are quick to respond when they see something working. I suppose one could say that he went in with a premade team, just like in battlegrounds. The Horde on the other side is not organized and even though he may see a few people speaking in trade chat, I doubt very seriously that those individuals would represent a very large percentage of the population of the Horde server. I suppose that here we could describe the Horde as a bunch of random people or PuGs. So based upon that information, he is competing in exactly what he used to discredit battlegrounds for being the first true form of large scale PVP. So while I applaud Gevlon for an attempt to change the tides on a lop-sided server, I do not agree with his assumption that he has created the first true large scale PVP. He is just looking at it through rose colored glasses and maybe some day he will see that he is just competing in another WG that is no different than any other WG on any other server on any other given day.


Eus said...

Hmmmm, sounds to me like one does not know their lore and the other does not know PVP.

(bows down before audience, looks up to the heavens)

*Lord, Gods of Blizzard, I be put a peon on this teeny tiny world called Azeroth, but I beg of you, in all of your benevolent wisdom, please bestow intelligence and reverse jackassery unto others and please make sure it is more than what you gave a rock, because these pooor schmoes need it very very very badly, much more than that rock over there*

(points to rock)

*And Lord, Gods of Blizzard, whomever may be listening, please do not let Daggerspine, oh blessed Daggerspine, suffer the fate of those servers such as Cho'Gall*


Firespirit said...


Thanks for the link! Im glad that wordpress tracks incoming traffic, because I never got the blogger trackback, and would never have known you and written about one of my posts!

In any event, I just wanted to take the time and clarify a few things.

First off, I am sorry if I made it unclear, but I don't think that Arthas is the *only* villain in WoW - or the Warcraft universe as a whole. Just the most iconic. If you asked another person, who the biggest bad guy in all of WoW is, and who has absolutely no other experience other than WoW, I think you'd be hard pressed to find more than 10% of players that would say anything other than Arthas.

Yes, I know the War of the Ancients. Yes I have played WC2 (a long while back, though). No I have not read the books.

But, my point is (and perhaps I missed it), that few villains in WoW are as personal as Arthas, with our gameplay being entwined with him for so long (WC3, WC3: FT, WotLK), and thus, few are as important to me as him.

It's good that you brought up Malygos, because thats really what Deathwing feels like to me (and no, I do not have to have read the books to know the lore well) Yes, I know he enslaved Alexstraza. Yes I know, death, destruction, general bad-person guy. But he still does not feel like a villain to me, just another "side campaign." That is what I was trying to relay.

Ruhtra said...

@ Firespirit:

Glad you stopped by, but you have the wrong writer. Rather is actually the one who wrote that particular post. I think the key take away from your post is that it is your opinion, just like Rather has his own feelings.

For me personally, I think that you cannot have the game without the books and I think that the truely villainus personas in this game would include both Arthas and Deathwing. However, I feel that they both take a back seat to the Burning Legion who created not just the Lick King, but also provided Illidan with a way for him to gain his powers, as well as countless other major and minor villains.

Malygos you would have to read the novels to get a true understanding of him and for me personally, I feel sympothy for him. He is not a true villain and I think that is what you can walk away from. While doing the quests, you get the sense that the other flights are in hopes that he will come to his senses. Even Alexestrasa mentions that if he will not come to his senses then they will have to deal with him at one point during a quest chain.

I feel like the Old Gods are also a great storyline, but one that has been a side show because they have only been in actual major patches and not had their own personal storyline/novel/expansion.

When I look to Arthas, I think he is a major villain yes, but I do not associate him with being the pinnacle of villains. If you were to poll players in today, I think your statement would be true as far as the feeling and sentiment of the Lich King, but I do not think it would have been true in World of Warcraft or The Burning Crusade. I understand that this is a journey that you have gone on and been through the ups and downs and it is the passing of one of the iconic characters, but I do not think it is a signal to the end of WoW as there is plenty of villains looming in the distant darkness.

Edyion said...

Hmm, this has raised some interesting points on perception in WoW itself of the lore and how people feel about said lore. Now I can't speak for the WoW nation as a whole and only for myself, but as someone who started the game with BC Arthas actually meant nothing to me. It was all Illipoos. Yes I knew about Arthas and the plague and all that goodness but to me the plague was just that decaying landscape that used to be the Eastern and Western Plague land and I did somewhat associate the plague with the undead. I never knew about the WC games (which I still get a bit of flack from from older guildies) but it was the quests and the stories in the quests that made me want to learn about the lore more. Wrath was just more focused on bringing the lore to the new crowd.

Warcraft is loaded to the brim with lore and its just not possible to have everything simply be in the online game brought to the community in one large suppository. I am pretty positive Blizzard will do a good job in pulling the community into Deathwing once things get going.

I should also note I am a child of Buffy so going with the TV analogy, I happen to enjoy my big bads given to me season by season with little hints in the previous ones. Its a lot more enjoyable to me when you aren't overloaded with things you don't really need to focus on at the present.

Markco said...

Couldn't agree more with the rose colored glasses comment.

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