Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not your typical rant

And I mean that. Some of us here at Holy Shock have been running our level 80 randoms and our lowbie randoms. With much discovery about our fellow man...really. As with much bitching as prior posts, mine is going to be a tad bit different.

There are two people that I would like to warn my fellow Cyclone battlegroupers about. These two are without a doubt special in their own very way. So much so that they practically hate my mage. Not really sure what Hyades ever did to them but oh my stars, do they hate her.

The first person I want to warn all of Cyclone about is Misj of Draenor. This bigbabyboomy could not stand the fact that I won a cloth item on a fair roll, despite the fact there were no other clothies in the run that could've rolled against me for it. He whined and cried because I won the roll fair and square and was crying because I did not want to /roll for it.

Which leads me to special #2.

Razledazle of Stormscale. If you are ever so lucky to make it into a random with this "EyeBeeDaUberLeetzofHealz", do yourself a favor, leave. Pronto. He is without a doubt the worst player I have ever had the distinct torture, I mean, pleaure of running with. Not only does this person insult everyone in the run, during the entire run mind you, but yesterday he has the audacity towards the end of the run to scream about my mage and say how much he hates me and wishes I was not in the run. When the entire group asks why, this is his actual response "because if the cloak drops." To which myself and the rest of the group told him too bad, so sad. That's the breaks.

Which I want to remind every single WoW player out there. Grow a set. If you act like this, just grow a set. Get out of your Baby Looney Tunes Pullups and grab those Superman/Wonder Woman underoos because the whole whiney/bitchey/crying thing, really, does not look well.

And because I promised that this post would be different:

I want to applaud some people from that same run with uberleethealz.

To Fineus of Boulderfist, keep your chin up and I think your tanking skills will grow sharper. You did a fine job!

To Jinnae of Darkspear and Fortuna of Boulderfist: You make Eus and Lovkinja proud. You fight to the bitter end and you know what you are doing as far as gear/gemming/playstyle go. Kudos to both of you!

I am one who likes to give credit where it is most definitely due and these three make that possible. Again, I want people to know I am not all about bashing but those two took the cake. But I also want people to know that there are people who enjoy playing and do not want to ruin it for others by being a jerk or not knowing what they are doing. How about stop being jerks and if you cannot be helpful, then STFU!

Also, if we all cried/bitched/whined about every roll we ever lost, Pullups and Kleenex would be making a killing. Get over it, seriously.

And lastly, is there a thing out there where we are hating on mages? Just checking..


Kaboomski said...

Well, nothing I can think of besides maybe mages ninja-pulling or overaggro'ing on the tank. But that's not really unique to mages, is it now?

Kudos to you for not just ranting!

RatherNotSay said...

Not too bad. You gave some credit where credit was due so not the usual "I was in a bad PuG QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ".

I think you should have thrown in a "they were fucking stupid" or something similar to really drive home the point of how bad they were, but I give the rant an overall "A"

Eus said...

@ Kaboomski: See, I am one to give credit where it is due!

And no matter what toon I am playing at the current moment, I am always sooooo careful not to pull off the tank. I don't try to go all Magey-crazy with Hyades on mobs so any tank does not have to worry. I'm glad when I have a smart warrior tank though, Vigilance is a beautiful thing LOL.

@ Rather: My bad angel counterpart, you should know me well enough by now that I am not one to QQ, but I will call a spade a spade when I see fit.

I don't even have to say that they were "fucking stupid" or anything like that. I could tell that they were dumb, but these two were in a a class all by themselves. If my earlier posts over at The Suicidal Healer were anything but a clue of how I call my shots, then I don't know what to tell ya LOL.