Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Unicorn

Donny: Eleanor’s Memphis's unicorn.
Freb: What's a unicorn?
Donny: Fable creature you know the horse with the horn impossible to capture it's the one car no matter how many times you try to boost something always happens.
Freb: What’s he doing?
Donny: He's talking to her man trying to get reacquainted they had a ruff history she almost got him killed a couple a times.
Donny: Flipped one on the Harbor Freeway.
Kip: He went off the long beach pier once.

This is probably one of my favorite movie scenes because I love how it is worded. We all have our unicorn's in life; whether it is swiping cars illegally (I hope not), chasing that dream job, or any other thing that you so desperately desire. Just like in real life, there are unicorns in WoW as well. For me, my Unicorn was Malygos. I have attempted Malygos in every way possible and failed miserably at it. I have gone in with groups that were undergeared to get a chance to see him. I have gone in with groups that were so overgeared that Malygos should have ran in fear at the site of them, but each time ended with the same result, my unicorn slipping through my fingers.

Last night that all changed. We posted a guild Malygos attempt because a newer member in the guild mentioned he would like to try this. It just so happened that this attempt fell during my vacation and I was available. I chose to take Ruhtra in as he was the best geared and I dare not trust healing to anyone else when chasing my unicorn. We had a decent group composition and made several good attempts that ended the same as every other previous attempt. From the very beginning we made it all the way to phase three where the inexperience of drake flying shown through. The group wiped several times, the majority of which was caused by the other healer not understanding how to heal on the drake. This is something I understand and so I did not get mad, but desperately wanted to find some help. We had a mouthy Hunter who kept rubbing his e-peen all over the raid that finally left and so we replaced him with a guild member's friend. We also had another member leave without saying a word and were able to bring in an additional guild member. With the added experience, we gave it one more shot and this time, my unicorn was captured.

Malygos was the one single raid in this expansion which drove me up the wall. The first two phases have never been very challenging if you have players who understand the basics of their class (rotations) and the mechanics of the fight (phase one - tank and spank, phase two - hide in the bubble, phase three - drake flying). The problem is that not a lot of people understand the third phase. There are numerous resources available to read strategies and watch videos, but they do not give you the knowledge of how to put it all together. You have to learn that part by failing, alot. The trick in failing though is to learn from it. So you tried "A" and it didn't work, then move on to "B". The problem is that in today's version of WoW, if you do not one shot something, quite often players will bail and leave you searching for your unicorn.

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Gronthe said...

A while back my guild made a few attempts at Malygos. We wiped on third phase a lot, and nobody seemed to understand what to do. Videos were watched, strats read, but still we couldn't do it.

The guild leader said "We're never running EoE again...EVER!" Well about a month after that exclamation Malygos showed up as the weekly raid. I, of course, wanted to go; I was not so stubborn as other guildies. So I got a spot in another guild's run, they needed someone willing and I was that man.

Phase 3 happens and I look and see what everyone else is doing. It was like synchronized swimming, it was beautiful. Around and around we went until Malygos got so dizzy he just gave up. (Taking out all his HP didn't hurt either).

I am sure Malygos is the Unicorn to many people, myself included for a very long time. But once you catch it, oh the joy!