Friday, June 18, 2010

Fibbing, Fibbers, And Other Bad Players

So today I have a tale of a Paladin that I encountered while leveling my Death Knight with my wife's Mage. I actually felt somewhat sorry for the guy as he was trying to heal but was having some issues with just about everything that one could possibly think of that could be a problem for a healer. Bad gear, bad build, bad spell selection, not using utility spells to stretch the limited spell selection out. Yeah he was pretty rough. About half way through the run as we were waiting for him to finish drinking his 500th (exageration) mana drink, I asked him how long he had been a Holy Paladin. He stated that he has always been, but took about three months off from the game. I just acknowledged what he said and proceeded on worrying about my own characters role and not his so much. It wasn't until my third corpse run back into Utgarde Keep that I inquired about some of his gear. I off-handedly joked about the selection of Carrot on a Stick for one of his trinkets. His other trinket was an old vanilla tanking trinket.

I must admit I was getting slightly tired of the running back to my corpse because he was not able to keep the group up so I took a peek at his healing choices and he was bombing Holy Light on every cast. I give him credit that he was judging as well, but he had zero mana regeneration while casting and combined with the fact that he had a non-existant mana pool equaled me getting somewhat aggrevated. I suggested to him that he may wish to consider switching to casting Flash of Light since he was stacking spell power with little mana available. I explained that the larger costing Holy Light was draining him and that was the reason for us running back so often. He tried to explain to me his position with theory crafting and casting Holy Light as being a much better "through-put" for heals per second or some other grand plan; however, he missed the part where you have to consider being level 80 with top end gear to make that work for you. Hell, if he were even level 70 with blue BC or green Wrath gear it would have had a chance of working out, but in all green BC and Vanilla gear there was no way he was going to make this work.

We somehow managed after an hour, I kid you not, to make it to Ingvar where he proceeds to let the tank die within seconds of beginning the fight. My wife's Mage followed shortly behind the tank before I was able to pick up the agro. Our Shaman in the group healed me as best he could and we downed Ingvar for phase one, but proceeded to wipe on phase two. I know hard to believe with no true tank and no true healer huh? So as we are running back in, yet once more, the Paladin proceeds to tell me that he was using my Flash of Light method to heal. I quickly looked up the stats (which is the top set of stats in the above picture) and proceeded to call him a liar. He then switched stories and said he used Holy Light when the tank went down. I said nothing as sometimes you just have to know when to cut your losses. We get back in and proceed to down Ingvar this time. The healer miraculously had mana left over with the entire group left alive. My wife and I leave the group and I pull up the stats for the second (successful) attempt and what did I see? Why the young Holy Paladin followed my instructions and the group was successful with him having mana left over.

I am quite simply amazed sometimes at what I see out of players in this game. I don't care if when I am in a PuG that someone does not want to do their very best. I understand this. I rarely use the epic engineering arrows when running instances with my Hunter because there is no need for the extra damage. I am irritated though by those people who choose to make life hard on the other four players in the run. Yes, I have my moments of poor performance. We all do, but I never go out of my way to deliberately be a pain in the ass or blatantly expect to be carried through a run. It is something I am seeing far too often in runs. When I was leveling Popebutch through random dungeons, I had at times help from my wife on Eus, Itsirhc, Lovekinja, and Matronamorta, as well as a friend within the guild who offered to help me on their very well geared Death knight. Every time we would enter a dungeon, the group would immediately lose all sense of composure and simply not make any effort at all. They were content to sit there on their bums and be carried through content. I worked every run I was in regardless if I could actually do anything, in an attempt to learn my abilities with my Priest. I feel it made me a better Priest because I have a solid rotation that when I run with a group of players who are geared at the same level as myself, I perform well.

I realize this could be seen as another "bad PuG" tale, but it is not meant to be that way. If anything, I hope you see that by taking a few minutes of my time (even though it may have seemed like a douche thing to do at the time), I was able to give some pointers to a player who was in a whole new world with their class and needed the help (whether they knew it or not). Sure, he did not acknowledge the fact that my suggestion made the difference and I did not receive the showers of praise and a parade, but hopefully some other low level run will be a little easier next time around. I would in fact encourage you the next time you are in the run with Lulzwarrior, Lulzpaladin, Huntard, or any other player who may not realize that they need help, take a few minutes and offer some times (in as nice a way as possible) and see if it doesn't make a difference.


Kaboomski said...

Agreed, making some time to offer help when it's clearly needed can make a difference. If not for the current run, maybe for the next one. However, some people are too thick to accept help in any way. That makes me sad for so many reasons.

I have this lowbie priest somewhere and I was playing together with a paladin at some point. He was asking me all kinds of questions about holy paladins as I told him my main is one. Fun times :)

Eus said...

As Ruh said before, I was on my mage with him in this particular run. He went through 2 of my stacks of water that I created for him. I don't mind being a vending machine but still, holy crickey. Anyways, I get teased by my better half when I get called Ms. Horde 2010 (previously 2008, 2009) because I enjoy helping others. I don't mind sharing tips and the what-nots as long as I understand the class, and I'm all about the holy pally. After I spoke up about his mana pool and gear, he realized that he was running with not one but two holy pallies that knew their shit. After Ruh called him out with the recount, he finally listened and did what we told him to do.

Later on that night I ran a lowbie random with a SAN member over at Argent Dawn US and the guildie there was on his lock. So I was able to help him understand his lock after many questions were asked.

I wish people that played these days would remember the golden rule and be kind towards others. To me, nothing gets accomplished when you act like a complete ass to someone who really may not understand their class and have no idea what they are doing and sit there and berate them in front of others. Nothing wrong with helping the willing. And if they take what you said to them and run with it, and they improve, score for you! You did the right thing and later on down the road, even if they never meet you again, they will surely thank you for it.

I am thankful every day that Ruh took the time and taught me everything about a holy pally because I really do enjoy playing Eus.