Friday, June 4, 2010

The Faceless Society

So it is Friday and I suppose that means everyone is expecting another helping of Ol' Rather's special style of ranting, but today I am going to write more objectively.........gasp! Today I want to talk about the faceless society that we find ourselves living in. You see everyday I read hundreds of blogs of people that I do not know from Adam. Some of you, I have grown to respect even if I do not agree with you. I feel that I know you because you put yourself out there for everyone to see. I do not think that there is one person who doesn't feel like they really know the bloggers like LarĂ­sa and Honors. Hell, even as annoying as Gevlon can be, I feel like we have a true picture of who he is. That goes for all the rest of you out there too, even the ones who do not provide their characters names and servers for you still provide us insights into your way of thinking and your experiences in the game. No, today I want to talk to those people who feel much braver in life through being faceless.

I will freely admit that I am still quite pissed off at the asshole who stated that I have a responsibility to provide content every week without fail. Actually, let me rephrase this, I am not pissed at the asshole, but at what the asshole represents in his anonymous posting. You see I tend to view those who post anonymously, as individuals who are afraid to be confronted so the dwell in the shadows. They throw their two cents into a conversation like a little kid interupts adults at a dinner table and then scurry back off to wherever. I see the anonymous tag on so many blogs and I would give a conservative estimate that 75% of these individuals are dropping negative comments. I have to ask them one question though, why?

Why are you so afraid to post under an ID? The internet, forums, blogs, and all the social networking sites still provide you with a degree of remaining anonymous, but at least offer you a way to identify yourself with a username. I can guarantee that no one on here really knows who I am or where I live (unless you are a hacker :P), much less would know what I look like unless I chose to post a picture of myself. I understand wanting to be able to maintain privacy, but to drop insulting, demeaning, and disrespectful comments without taking credit for them is just plain downright moronic. What it represents to me is that little child I mentioned earlier. You are someone who is not mature enough to form a well thought out debate, so you throw an insult or your own "two cents" in and then run back to the shadows to wait for the next blogger who you disagree with. My simple request to all the anonymous people out there, put a face to your comments. You do not need to start writing a blog or even say where you come from or who you are, but for fucks sake take credit for being an asshole. God knows I take credit for being an asshole.


Gronthe said...

I'm not sure why people comment as Anonymous, I think some have reasons and others are scared fools.

As a blogger myself I use only one of my toons to post under. Since I have 20, I had to choose one, but at least I made that choice.

It's not like it's hard to make up a name either, you can call yourself Fatty, but at least it's an identity. I'm inclined to think they are just lazy more than anything.

Kaboomski said...

I agree with you there Rather. Besides, taking credit for being an asshole seems like much more fun to me. Could just be me though.

I always post with my name and URL if I can help it, sometimes because I'd like to have people notice me for what I say. Sometimes because I want to let people know that *I* disagree. Not just some random asshole. Me.

I also blog, not because I think I'm important, but because I want to put my opinion and experiences out there. It might help somebody else, which is fine, but my main goal is to get things off *my* chest. Very selfish really. But I do need an identity to go with that.

Anyway, cheers Rather. Nice post.

Ruhtra said...

I tend to agree with you on this one as well Rather. I have seen quite a few anonymous posters around here and typically they never are positive.

A long time ago I debated on forcing people to have to have some sort of ID to post a comment, but I thought it over and decided that the negative comments sometimes will bring about a really good conversation, while other times they are just simply trying to annoy the writer it seems.