Sunday, June 27, 2010


Is it fair to be disappointed in a blogger? That is the question I present today. A fairly simple question, but one that I think is fair to ask. Do we, as readers of blogs, have a right to be disappointed in a blogger? I will expand on this in a later post, but I just want to get the feeling of the community on this subject.

In non-disappointing news, go check out Fish over at his Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron as it seems he is back to blogging and perhaps back to playing WoW.


Ophelie said...

That's a strange question!

I get disappointed when a blogger I really enjoy reading shuts down. Or when a blogger who usually makes me laugh loses their touch. Or when someone who's very pro-community does something nasty.

So I guess you can be disappointed in bloggers. But really, bloggers are just normal people with a writing hobby. Sometimes they'll get things right and sometimes they'll get things wrong.

Eus said...

To me, it's no different than having a favorite actor/actress that you really like and they disappoint in some way. Human nature. Too many different reasons for the feeling of disappointment. So, I'm not sure if there is a so-called "right" to feel that way, but again, it's human nature.

failadin said...

I guess it's understandable. More or less the same thing as Ophelie said. But personally, I just think about it and realise it's not their job, they don't owe anyone for not blogging. Unless it is their job of course. Meh.

I think there's a substantial difference in how people experience disappointment. For some, like me, it's more or less "too bad, so sad" and move on. Others might feel differently, more hurt. That's where a reaction comes from.

But nevermind me, I've just started talking nonsense since I'm too tired to think straight.

LarĂ­sa said...

I guess it depends. If a blogger that you look up to, who nomally holds a certain ethical standard, suddenly starts to advocate gold selling or does harmful things to the community, such as lying or badmouthing others, breaking the blogging colde of honor, it's very understandable if you get disappointed.

On the other hand if a blog changes direction in a way you don't like - blogging about new topics or from a different angle, I think you should rather just move on than railing about it, being disappointed. It's a free service after all and the blogger doesn't "owe you" anything. Try to be grateful about what you've gotten until now, rather than grumbling about that the blogger doesn't deliver it anymore.

Saunder said...

We all have out foot-in-mouth moments. We all say things (write things) that we regret for whatever reason. I can't see why we should expect bloggers to be perfect when noone else is :) ... Of course a one-off and a new pattern that totally changes your view of someone - totally different kettle of fish. Of course you feel dissapointed. The whole PaladinSchmaladin mess (was it only last year)? does sorta come to mind there as an example :)

RatherNotSay said...

I honestly am not that disappointed in bloggers, but do I have a right to be? Not really. If I were paid to write, then maybe it would be different. As a blogger I receive nothing from my posts but the occassional headache. If someone were disappointed in me, while I would try to look for ways to improve, I sure as hell woudlnt lose sleep over it and I certainly wouldnt ever change who I am as a writer. Basically, my attitude is if you dont like what I have to say the "X" button at the top right side of the window will do you wonders.