Monday, June 28, 2010


I was reading some blogs this morning when I read a post over at Priest With A Cause that got me comparing the Burning Crusade heroic dungeons to the old western town that is abandoned with tumbleweeds blowing through them. What I took away from the post was a question of why do players not want to switch up the content some instead of running nothing but Utgarde Keep and the Nexxus? I think the simple answer here is that most people associate the dungeons with gear and naturaly even the most simplest of players understand that new and shiny is better than old and worn. The more experienced players understand that their experience per mob is twice that of the Burning Crusade heroic dungeons. Those two factors alone will single handedly kill the older content. Yes, you can probably attribute newer players not understanding the attunement issues, but most players eventually figure these things out by wandering into the knowledge. The real question here is how the hell does Blizzard correct this issue?

The issue is nothing new though and based on the track record, it is not one that Blizzard seems to care the least to fix. I would not even waste my time on this topic except there is a slight glimer of hope found in the fact that Blizzard has stated that they desire to put the feeling of being epic back into the epic gear. If this is in fact the case, then there is a slight chance that the gear we have now will not be as trivial as the gear we had in the previous expansion. If we look back at the history of the expansions, we can clearly see that the epics of Vanilla WoW were completely made obsolete by the greens of the Burning Crusade. It did not matter what you had or where it came from. After a few quests in Outland, your old epic gear was rubbish and nothing more than something to store to wear for fun or to sell for gold. When Wrath came out, some of the top tiered gear from the end game of the Burning Crusade was still viable into the low to mid seventies. With all of my characters who were geared to the teeth at the end of BC, I was able to make far into Wrath before I truly needed to upgrade. I doubt this pattern will change too much though in this expansion as there are only five levels until cap. So why all this talk of gear and how far it will go?

The gear is probably the number one driving force for any of us running content. We need gear to progress to the next level of whatever we are doing in the game. Blizzard has recognized this to a certain degree and is going to make rare items more powerful and hopefully put the epic back into epic items. So how can this help the older content dungeons? At first it may not be able to do much, but what if Blizzard plans to reevaluate their item levels and loot charts for older content. Imagine if when Cataclysm launched that the older dungeons were made viable again by Blizzard putting the same equivelant items in Stratholme as was in Ramparts? There would be a reason for people to run these instances now. Imagine if the heroic dungeons of Burning Crusade dropped items that were equivelant to the middle range of dungeons in Wrath such as Violet Hold and Draktheron Keep? It would certainly encourage people who are leveling their new Goblins or Worgen to run these dungeons. Now imagine if they removed the attunements for the older herocis and removed the labels of Vanilla, BC, and Wrath and whatever dungeon was appropriate for you, you then would stand a chance to get.

The trick here is that the developers will not do such a huge overhaul of their game if the people do not cry out about it. I am sure they are aware that no one is running Heroic Blood Furnace, but why would they fix that which no one wants? So it is up to us players who like this content to start threads demanding that this shit be fixed. That loot tables be changed. That item levels be equalled between the soon to be four different parts of WoW. That content be made relevant again. It may seem like quite a bit of work, but considering they are removing stats, merging stats, and changing itemization on gear that makes sense; then I dare say that it is not too difficult to begin the integration of the items to one smooth flow for all of the game. Yes this may mean that you lose epics from BC and Wrath, but wouldn't you freely want to trade some of that shit for the chance to actually run this content again and be able to experience it as you level your next character? I know I damn sure would.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Is it fair to be disappointed in a blogger? That is the question I present today. A fairly simple question, but one that I think is fair to ask. Do we, as readers of blogs, have a right to be disappointed in a blogger? I will expand on this in a later post, but I just want to get the feeling of the community on this subject.

In non-disappointing news, go check out Fish over at his Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron as it seems he is back to blogging and perhaps back to playing WoW.

Pardon The Interruption

I just wanted to drop a note and apologize for the way things look. You see I learned a very valuable lesson the other day, do not mess with what works! I am always looking to change things, to make things better, to reorganize that which is already organized, and litteraly it seems at times I am just never satisfied with things. Well, while sitting at work really bored and with not much else to do, because who actually works at work now days? I decide to mess with the look of the blog. I saw the little "new" template design feature and thought that I could mess around some and see if I might be able to tweak some things I didn't like about the look of things around the blog, but instead I somehow managed to lose my old template and ended up with a pretty crazy looking one. I worked for probably a good three hours to get the current one set up, and while I like the layout I am not thrilled with it at the same time.

As for all the links and blogs listed, well they were part of the casualty of the accident. So if you had a blog that I had linked here, or by chance you have one that you want to shamelessly self promote, then make sure and drop a note in the comments section! I know my better half was not thrilled with the look of the blog and let me know about it before I could explain that I made a "boo-boo", but such is life when you live with me. Expect an actual real blog sometime in the near future. I have so many things to talk about and have probably about four decent posts near finished, a ton of ideas written down on steno-pads, and an infinite number of other things on my mind as well.

Well, it is late and work comes early, so I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and having a fun, yet safe one!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Hello folks, Eus here! We here at Holy Shock wanted to wish all the daddies out there a Happy Father's Day! Kick back and enjoy your day because you earned it.

To Ruhtra: Lil Ruh is lucky to have a daddy like you. Seeing the two of you interact everyday is a real treat. Entertaining but very much rewarding. Thank you for just being you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fibbing, Fibbers, And Other Bad Players

So today I have a tale of a Paladin that I encountered while leveling my Death Knight with my wife's Mage. I actually felt somewhat sorry for the guy as he was trying to heal but was having some issues with just about everything that one could possibly think of that could be a problem for a healer. Bad gear, bad build, bad spell selection, not using utility spells to stretch the limited spell selection out. Yeah he was pretty rough. About half way through the run as we were waiting for him to finish drinking his 500th (exageration) mana drink, I asked him how long he had been a Holy Paladin. He stated that he has always been, but took about three months off from the game. I just acknowledged what he said and proceeded on worrying about my own characters role and not his so much. It wasn't until my third corpse run back into Utgarde Keep that I inquired about some of his gear. I off-handedly joked about the selection of Carrot on a Stick for one of his trinkets. His other trinket was an old vanilla tanking trinket.

I must admit I was getting slightly tired of the running back to my corpse because he was not able to keep the group up so I took a peek at his healing choices and he was bombing Holy Light on every cast. I give him credit that he was judging as well, but he had zero mana regeneration while casting and combined with the fact that he had a non-existant mana pool equaled me getting somewhat aggrevated. I suggested to him that he may wish to consider switching to casting Flash of Light since he was stacking spell power with little mana available. I explained that the larger costing Holy Light was draining him and that was the reason for us running back so often. He tried to explain to me his position with theory crafting and casting Holy Light as being a much better "through-put" for heals per second or some other grand plan; however, he missed the part where you have to consider being level 80 with top end gear to make that work for you. Hell, if he were even level 70 with blue BC or green Wrath gear it would have had a chance of working out, but in all green BC and Vanilla gear there was no way he was going to make this work.

We somehow managed after an hour, I kid you not, to make it to Ingvar where he proceeds to let the tank die within seconds of beginning the fight. My wife's Mage followed shortly behind the tank before I was able to pick up the agro. Our Shaman in the group healed me as best he could and we downed Ingvar for phase one, but proceeded to wipe on phase two. I know hard to believe with no true tank and no true healer huh? So as we are running back in, yet once more, the Paladin proceeds to tell me that he was using my Flash of Light method to heal. I quickly looked up the stats (which is the top set of stats in the above picture) and proceeded to call him a liar. He then switched stories and said he used Holy Light when the tank went down. I said nothing as sometimes you just have to know when to cut your losses. We get back in and proceed to down Ingvar this time. The healer miraculously had mana left over with the entire group left alive. My wife and I leave the group and I pull up the stats for the second (successful) attempt and what did I see? Why the young Holy Paladin followed my instructions and the group was successful with him having mana left over.

I am quite simply amazed sometimes at what I see out of players in this game. I don't care if when I am in a PuG that someone does not want to do their very best. I understand this. I rarely use the epic engineering arrows when running instances with my Hunter because there is no need for the extra damage. I am irritated though by those people who choose to make life hard on the other four players in the run. Yes, I have my moments of poor performance. We all do, but I never go out of my way to deliberately be a pain in the ass or blatantly expect to be carried through a run. It is something I am seeing far too often in runs. When I was leveling Popebutch through random dungeons, I had at times help from my wife on Eus, Itsirhc, Lovekinja, and Matronamorta, as well as a friend within the guild who offered to help me on their very well geared Death knight. Every time we would enter a dungeon, the group would immediately lose all sense of composure and simply not make any effort at all. They were content to sit there on their bums and be carried through content. I worked every run I was in regardless if I could actually do anything, in an attempt to learn my abilities with my Priest. I feel it made me a better Priest because I have a solid rotation that when I run with a group of players who are geared at the same level as myself, I perform well.

I realize this could be seen as another "bad PuG" tale, but it is not meant to be that way. If anything, I hope you see that by taking a few minutes of my time (even though it may have seemed like a douche thing to do at the time), I was able to give some pointers to a player who was in a whole new world with their class and needed the help (whether they knew it or not). Sure, he did not acknowledge the fact that my suggestion made the difference and I did not receive the showers of praise and a parade, but hopefully some other low level run will be a little easier next time around. I would in fact encourage you the next time you are in the run with Lulzwarrior, Lulzpaladin, Huntard, or any other player who may not realize that they need help, take a few minutes and offer some times (in as nice a way as possible) and see if it doesn't make a difference.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So, I have two things on my mind and I couldn't wait until my next official day to rant, so you get a special Sunday post by Ol' Rather (hope you don't mind Ruhtra)! Well, I wouldn't say rant so much as just say that I couldn't disagree more with the perspectives of the two things. So here we go!

The Lost Effect In WoW? (Click here to read the post)

Feel free to go and read the article. A couple things that I completely disagree with is that Arthas was the one and only bad guy! The writer referenced to the fact that they had been playing since Warcraft III! One question I had was that if the writer had bothered to play Warcraft or Warcraft II. If they had, then they would know that there are other bad guys out there. I also have to question if the writer has read any of the books that have been written. The lore in the game is much deeper and richer than just Arthas Menethil. For instance, if you are contributing to Arthas being the only bad guy and that killing Deathwing is just going and killing another Dragon, then I would dare say you need to go and read the series of "War of the Ancients" as you see Deathwing has a much deeper and more lore driven story of any other character in this series. Who is the one who made it possible for the corrupted Horde to use Red Drakes to fly? Who took over an entire kingdom in the guise of an advisor in Alterac. I would dare say that anyone who would claim that the game is over and there is no more tales to be told or true villains to be known has not truly immersed theirself in all of the lore and should go out and spend some quality time reading these fine novels which enhances the lore of Warcraft and not just read the quests in the games.

The thing I do agree with is that I hope that Blizzard continues to be creative with the story of the heroes we have come to know and love. I think Blizzard did a good job in this expansion for writing the lore into the actual quests. You just didn't get the "go and kill 50 of this" type of quests. Instead you had quests that were all part of a larger story. I must admit that I hate that we had the Nexxus War, an old god, and the Lich King all crammed into one expansion, but if you spend the time to read the quests then you will see that Blizzard did a great job of making sure to interweave the lore into the game. They gave you a reason as to why you were going out and killing Malygos (who by the way was driven to madness and almost had his flight wiped out by Deathwing). That type of storytelling was not present in the Burning Crusade expansion, but Blizzard came back strong in Wrath of the Lich King to give a fitting end to Arthas and prepare the world for the next major shift in power.

Taking Credit For Doing What Was Intended (Click here to read the post)

So typically I read Gevlon's blog and laugh to myself and move on. Sometimes I may make an off-handed remark referring to the little green fellow, but I feel I need to speak up and say that he is completely full of horseshit when he makes comments like:

"At first, despite what naysayers said, we managed to cause impact. A single guild turned the balance of a server upside down for a week, forcing several guilds to do a coordinated response.

Secondly, it created the first competitive large-group PvP in WoW. PvP was always a sideline in WoW, despite for a skilled player PvP is the only way to be sure he is not eating something nerfed. You can't nerf other players. With arenas, competitive PvP became available in WoW, but only in very small scale. The largest group available is 5-man strong, there is no way to conduct epic-scale strategic battles. While battlegrounds had the potential, the ability to "farm" honor via chain-losing changed them into a stupid zergfest. Theoretically you can play in battlegrounds with an organized team, but that's not competitive. A premade easily smash any PuG. Also, Blizzard has disabled queuing up as raid to the random and weekend BGs, allowing honor and arena point rewards to only those who queue up into a zergfest and lucky enough to get less brain-dead than the other team."
See the trick with Gevlon is that he weaves the truth in with his own narrow-minded view point and then labels anyone who opposes his view as a "social" or "M&S" and then proceeds to insult them and find ways to discredit them. We have seen such behavior in history from similar type personalities and I will leave your mind to figure out who I may/may not be referencing. I want to go back to my thought though before I lose it. Gevlon actually described his own WG in his second paragraph. You see he went in there with his team and had a game plan. Seeings as his side is much smaller, it is much easier to coordinate and organize an offensive or counteroffensive. As the Alliance have been losing so long, they are quick to respond when they see something working. I suppose one could say that he went in with a premade team, just like in battlegrounds. The Horde on the other side is not organized and even though he may see a few people speaking in trade chat, I doubt very seriously that those individuals would represent a very large percentage of the population of the Horde server. I suppose that here we could describe the Horde as a bunch of random people or PuGs. So based upon that information, he is competing in exactly what he used to discredit battlegrounds for being the first true form of large scale PVP. So while I applaud Gevlon for an attempt to change the tides on a lop-sided server, I do not agree with his assumption that he has created the first true large scale PVP. He is just looking at it through rose colored glasses and maybe some day he will see that he is just competing in another WG that is no different than any other WG on any other server on any other given day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not your typical rant

And I mean that. Some of us here at Holy Shock have been running our level 80 randoms and our lowbie randoms. With much discovery about our fellow man...really. As with much bitching as prior posts, mine is going to be a tad bit different.

There are two people that I would like to warn my fellow Cyclone battlegroupers about. These two are without a doubt special in their own very way. So much so that they practically hate my mage. Not really sure what Hyades ever did to them but oh my stars, do they hate her.

The first person I want to warn all of Cyclone about is Misj of Draenor. This bigbabyboomy could not stand the fact that I won a cloth item on a fair roll, despite the fact there were no other clothies in the run that could've rolled against me for it. He whined and cried because I won the roll fair and square and was crying because I did not want to /roll for it.

Which leads me to special #2.

Razledazle of Stormscale. If you are ever so lucky to make it into a random with this "EyeBeeDaUberLeetzofHealz", do yourself a favor, leave. Pronto. He is without a doubt the worst player I have ever had the distinct torture, I mean, pleaure of running with. Not only does this person insult everyone in the run, during the entire run mind you, but yesterday he has the audacity towards the end of the run to scream about my mage and say how much he hates me and wishes I was not in the run. When the entire group asks why, this is his actual response "because if the cloak drops." To which myself and the rest of the group told him too bad, so sad. That's the breaks.

Which I want to remind every single WoW player out there. Grow a set. If you act like this, just grow a set. Get out of your Baby Looney Tunes Pullups and grab those Superman/Wonder Woman underoos because the whole whiney/bitchey/crying thing, really, does not look well.

And because I promised that this post would be different:

I want to applaud some people from that same run with uberleethealz.

To Fineus of Boulderfist, keep your chin up and I think your tanking skills will grow sharper. You did a fine job!

To Jinnae of Darkspear and Fortuna of Boulderfist: You make Eus and Lovkinja proud. You fight to the bitter end and you know what you are doing as far as gear/gemming/playstyle go. Kudos to both of you!

I am one who likes to give credit where it is most definitely due and these three make that possible. Again, I want people to know I am not all about bashing but those two took the cake. But I also want people to know that there are people who enjoy playing and do not want to ruin it for others by being a jerk or not knowing what they are doing. How about stop being jerks and if you cannot be helpful, then STFU!

Also, if we all cried/bitched/whined about every roll we ever lost, Pullups and Kleenex would be making a killing. Get over it, seriously.

And lastly, is there a thing out there where we are hating on mages? Just checking..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Week That Was

A lot of good things happened this past week, but the icing on the cake was seeing a former member of MAS in trade channel say the following:

"2.8k GS Mage looking for a raiding guild. I dont care if you are just starting out. I want to raid ICC."
That caused me to litterally fall apart laughing when I read it. You see this member joined our guild and was carried through a lot of content. When Trial of the Crusader dropped, he left us claiming that he wanted to raid. He did get to raid, but was never in a top guild. I would even go as far as to say that he joined a guild which was behind ours in progression and then continued to hop from guild to guild looking for that one special guild that would carry him through Trial of the Crusader. As of last night, his achievements did not have him cleared through Trial of the Crusader and he was guildless; whereas, the little guild that he left is currently progressing through ICC in strict ten man style and living the good life as a fun raiding guild. Karma can be a bitch sometimes!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Faceless Society

So it is Friday and I suppose that means everyone is expecting another helping of Ol' Rather's special style of ranting, but today I am going to write more objectively.........gasp! Today I want to talk about the faceless society that we find ourselves living in. You see everyday I read hundreds of blogs of people that I do not know from Adam. Some of you, I have grown to respect even if I do not agree with you. I feel that I know you because you put yourself out there for everyone to see. I do not think that there is one person who doesn't feel like they really know the bloggers like LarĂ­sa and Honors. Hell, even as annoying as Gevlon can be, I feel like we have a true picture of who he is. That goes for all the rest of you out there too, even the ones who do not provide their characters names and servers for you still provide us insights into your way of thinking and your experiences in the game. No, today I want to talk to those people who feel much braver in life through being faceless.

I will freely admit that I am still quite pissed off at the asshole who stated that I have a responsibility to provide content every week without fail. Actually, let me rephrase this, I am not pissed at the asshole, but at what the asshole represents in his anonymous posting. You see I tend to view those who post anonymously, as individuals who are afraid to be confronted so the dwell in the shadows. They throw their two cents into a conversation like a little kid interupts adults at a dinner table and then scurry back off to wherever. I see the anonymous tag on so many blogs and I would give a conservative estimate that 75% of these individuals are dropping negative comments. I have to ask them one question though, why?

Why are you so afraid to post under an ID? The internet, forums, blogs, and all the social networking sites still provide you with a degree of remaining anonymous, but at least offer you a way to identify yourself with a username. I can guarantee that no one on here really knows who I am or where I live (unless you are a hacker :P), much less would know what I look like unless I chose to post a picture of myself. I understand wanting to be able to maintain privacy, but to drop insulting, demeaning, and disrespectful comments without taking credit for them is just plain downright moronic. What it represents to me is that little child I mentioned earlier. You are someone who is not mature enough to form a well thought out debate, so you throw an insult or your own "two cents" in and then run back to the shadows to wait for the next blogger who you disagree with. My simple request to all the anonymous people out there, put a face to your comments. You do not need to start writing a blog or even say where you come from or who you are, but for fucks sake take credit for being an asshole. God knows I take credit for being an asshole.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Unicorn

Donny: Eleanor’s Memphis's unicorn.
Freb: What's a unicorn?
Donny: Fable creature you know the horse with the horn impossible to capture it's the one car no matter how many times you try to boost something always happens.
Freb: What’s he doing?
Donny: He's talking to her man trying to get reacquainted they had a ruff history she almost got him killed a couple a times.
Donny: Flipped one on the Harbor Freeway.
Kip: He went off the long beach pier once.

This is probably one of my favorite movie scenes because I love how it is worded. We all have our unicorn's in life; whether it is swiping cars illegally (I hope not), chasing that dream job, or any other thing that you so desperately desire. Just like in real life, there are unicorns in WoW as well. For me, my Unicorn was Malygos. I have attempted Malygos in every way possible and failed miserably at it. I have gone in with groups that were undergeared to get a chance to see him. I have gone in with groups that were so overgeared that Malygos should have ran in fear at the site of them, but each time ended with the same result, my unicorn slipping through my fingers.

Last night that all changed. We posted a guild Malygos attempt because a newer member in the guild mentioned he would like to try this. It just so happened that this attempt fell during my vacation and I was available. I chose to take Ruhtra in as he was the best geared and I dare not trust healing to anyone else when chasing my unicorn. We had a decent group composition and made several good attempts that ended the same as every other previous attempt. From the very beginning we made it all the way to phase three where the inexperience of drake flying shown through. The group wiped several times, the majority of which was caused by the other healer not understanding how to heal on the drake. This is something I understand and so I did not get mad, but desperately wanted to find some help. We had a mouthy Hunter who kept rubbing his e-peen all over the raid that finally left and so we replaced him with a guild member's friend. We also had another member leave without saying a word and were able to bring in an additional guild member. With the added experience, we gave it one more shot and this time, my unicorn was captured.

Malygos was the one single raid in this expansion which drove me up the wall. The first two phases have never been very challenging if you have players who understand the basics of their class (rotations) and the mechanics of the fight (phase one - tank and spank, phase two - hide in the bubble, phase three - drake flying). The problem is that not a lot of people understand the third phase. There are numerous resources available to read strategies and watch videos, but they do not give you the knowledge of how to put it all together. You have to learn that part by failing, alot. The trick in failing though is to learn from it. So you tried "A" and it didn't work, then move on to "B". The problem is that in today's version of WoW, if you do not one shot something, quite often players will bail and leave you searching for your unicorn.