Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wafone - Boulderfist

Dear Wafone of Boulderfist,

As you so kindly left the random heroic tonight stating that I was a failure of a healer I was not obliged the courtesy of a response. First allow me to apologize that I am airing this in public, but you have left me no other alternative. Secondly, allow me to inform you that it is not my single responsibility to insure a group's success. Thirdly, if you would try to target the same target as the tank, this would go a long way to ensuring your own survival. Fourth and probably the single most important thing to take note of sir is that as soon as you left the group, we replaced you with a Rogue who understood the concept of attacking what the tank is targeting and we had a mostly smooth run from that point on. So allow me to say thank you for saving me the effort of healing your lazy ass.


P.S. I thought of one other point. Perhaps you could have examined the tank and realized that the tank was in a spec that was best suited for PVP and not tanking. In case you don't understand what that means (which I am relatively sure is the case), it means that the tank required much more focus from me and still was quite difficult for an ICC geared healer to keep up.


Yogi said...

I remember when dps had responsibility. When they recognized that holding aggro and staying alive was just as much a product of their actions as it was the tanks and healers. I miss such times. When dps classes do this and complain to me about my healing, I kindly just remind them that, "I dont heal stupid."

Ruhtra said...

I completely agree with you on that.