Friday, May 14, 2010

Tanks, Tanks, Tanks

Ol' Rather is back this week with a little topic he found over at the US WoW Suggestion forums! I want to focus on one simple statement that was made by a tank which is, and I quote:
It won't fix the basic issue: The DPS. Every time you stay in the fire to finish that spell, you are at fault. Every time you DPS early and pull aggro, you are at fault. Every time you walk in front of the tank and pull mobs, you are at fault. Every time you fail to fade, feign, vanish, or otherwise dump your aggro when you have an aggro dump, you are at fault. Anytime you fail to interrupt the spellflingers when you have interrupts, you are at fault.

Bottom line, its the DPS fault. I tank first, heal second, DPS third, but I know I've gotten burned out on several toons simply because of all the stupid stuff that DPS does. Why bother doing the role, when at least three other people in the group are hellbent are making it as miserable an experience as humanly possible?

For a while it's fun. Then it gets old. Then it just plain sucks.
The entire thread sort of brokedown from an idea that may or may not have been good. I find it interesting though that a tank is wanting to blame the tank shortage on the fucking DPS. I understand that there are some pretty shitty DPS out there, but if you Miss Tankalicious will not hold the mob still, then the awe inspiring AoE damage that can be done is not going to occurr. Of course that would first mean that a DPS could actually AoE and not die within ten seconds. There has been countless runs where I give the tank a good five seconds after they stop the turrets movement and start to reign down fire with my Lock and then proceed to die because the tank could not/did not try to regain agro. I am also not a new player and have already shattered my soul so there is no second agro dump. Would you prefer I start fearing mobs? You know that is one of the seven deadly sins by the way? That will surely dump my agro and everyone elses.

So I know not to use my all powerful AoE because tanks simply cannot hold agro so I then switched playstyles and went to single target burn. My issue here is that tanks rarely stay focused on one particular target to burn them down. I understand that they must pursue carpel tunnel syndrome for tanking to spam taunts and what not, but when I unleash Conflagerate and Chaos Bolt it is instant agro and death from said lazy ass tank not pulling agro off of me after I shatter my soul. Now I realize I can only speak for myself and I am sure I am the exception to the DPS nightmare right? Wrong! This is reminding me of the old days where people use to like to play the blame the healer game. The problem is now that tanks know they cant fucking run an entire heroic without a healer, no matter how geared they are, so they have to blame someone else right? So healers get out of jail and now DPS is in the crosshairs of the tanks. Should we all be cowering in fear from them? Nah...

The truth is that you cannot point the finger at any one class because if you play them all and you play multiple roles then you understand that no one single role is more important than another. Do not believe me? Then take a raid into ICC and run it missing one role. While comedic it would be, I dare say the Lich King would not be too worried at that view. Instead, I place the blame soley on Blizzard for this fiasco. In truth, they catered once more to the extremely casual and introduced a new system that shows potential, but has way more flaws within it. I am not going off on casual players, I promise; however, you know that you are the reason that systems like this have been rolled out and that they have made the game much more simplistic in nature right?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. You cannot point your finger at one specific role. I have been in runs where the tanks were horrible. They did not understand the first concept of tanking. You know why that was? They were busy running dumbed down versions of the game and all of a sudden they hit a heroic where the "go go go go go" method could not be supported by their skills, much less their gear. DPS, you are not escaping me either! You see, we have learned to spam AoE and we then get mad when a tank has agro issues and we cannot spam our most beloved one button ability. We see our numbers dip down some and we then want to blame terribad tanks for our performance issues. The truth is when I unleash on my lock with either AoE or single target, my numbers are relatively consistant given normal mob sizes. The reason is because I did my homework and I was not raised in the pansy age of WoW that we now find ourselves in. No I was raised in a time when Locks sucked ass. I have been from the absolute worst times of Lockness to the absolute pinnacle of power!! Ahem, sorry I get carried away sometimes, but my point is that in todays version of WoW, a lot of players never advance in the game to the point where they learn all the aspects of their class and so if they are thrown a bone by a tank who does things "differently" then they fucking bitch and moan about the tank being a nub.

Healers, front and center! You all are far from perfect. Do not try to hide in the back row with your sissy looking gear and think you are innocent. Way too many healers only know a couple abilities and do not even remotely try to learn their utility abilities that can be helpful at times. For instance the small room before the large room of the last boss in UP (like how I did that huh?), a Holy Paladin can use their Holy Wrath to stun a mob of the undead. If timed right you do not even have to worry about a party member getting feared out into the patrol or the mob in the larger room. Utility abilities is only a small part of your game though so do not worry about that too much, instead worry about learning to use more than one healing ability. I cannot tell you how many runs I go on and I see a group wipe and when you look at the information for the healer, you see they cast only one spell and expected that to keep a group up. There is a reason why Blizzard gave you multiple healing and utility spells, try to learn those reasons.

At the end of this, I want to say shut the fuck up with any new updated version of the blame game. We are all in this together now whether we want to be or not. My advice to you Mr/Miss Tankalicious is to stop pulling and inform the bad DPS of what they are doing to make the run more difficult for you. If you start doing that, you will start contributing to a solution rather than being part of the problem. To you Mr/Miss Pew Pew, if the tank is not holding agro properly then feel free to speak up. Ask them what the issue is. Maybe they were too chicken shit to speak up that you were not giving them enough time? To you Mr/Miss Healobot, if you are having issues with healing a group, do not be afraid to state the concern. Ask the tank if they are defense capped. If a tank is not capped, that will make your life living hell. If it turns out that the tank is capped and there is no direct issue with the group, then feel free to reevaluate your own spells. Perhaps there is an ability that you are missing. In short, don't bitch and moan about shit you cannot control. Instead look at what you can control, ask some fucking questions, and make adjustments that you can. After that, try to sit back and just do what you do best or just simply leave and wait to find a new group. Please do not go and start a new version of the blame game though or I may have to show up and knock some shit around your head till you see things the right way (my way).

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