Friday, May 21, 2010

A Question Answered

So a few weeks back Ol' Rather put up an open post for comments of things that may bug you. The very first fucker on there was an anonymous asshole who complained, and I quote:

"You know what pisses me off? I get aggrevated at bloggers who either throw up regertetated stuff or who dont throw anything up for long periods like weeks on end.

Don't you people know that you are a part of my damn life? You have a responsibility to us!"

I will admit, I took one week off because of some personal stuff since I have been here at Holy Shock and I apologize for that. The next time something personal or an emergency creeps up I will make sure to tell them that I am sorry but due to my blogging responsibilities I will be unable to show up and support you or take care of business. Please just fuck off and do not call me again on a Friday, thank you! Yeah, you can imagine that this will not happen. Let me tell anyone who reads a blog and does not write a blog, that this shit is not easy. There is a lot of personal time that goes in to researching this shit and putting together a well rounded article. It doesn't matter if the article sucks or you disagree with every word, the bottom line is it takes the writer's personal time. Personal time which, for the most part, they are not compensated for.

So, let me say that I am happy that people read what I write. I truly thank you all for stopping in on Fridays (and on the rare occassions where I post something at my own blog) and reading those articles. I love the feedback, regardless of if it is "you suck you fucking retard" or "great job man". I appreciate that and so does everyone else who writes anything, be it a gaming blog or a featured piece in a publication. What we do not appreciate are the people who complain that there is not enough content or that we do not post stuff enough. A huge pet peave of mine is dropping filler content which is why my blog does not get a whole lot of attention since doing one article a week here is about as much as I tend to have time to devote right now. So Mr. Anonymous, on behalf of us here at Holy Shock, shut the fuck up!


Gronthe said...

I wasn't aware that I had to bottle fead some readers, I guess I better warm up some milk for that dude.

A person's blog is his/her own to do with what he/she will. It's sure nice when people stop by, read a little, and maybe even comment on your stuff. But I think most bloggers would do what they do no matter what.

Agreed, we're not here to bottle feed the readers. But if that's what some want they need to find themselves a wet nurse blog.

Eus said...

I agree with ya Rather. On my own blog @ The Suicidal Healer, I never know when I'll post something. It could be daily, it could be weekly, and I've gone a few weeks without anything. Again, as Mrs. Ruhtra, I have a full-time job, I am a full-time mom to Ruhtra JR, and of course being married to Ruhtra himself is a full-time job all by itself. Some people need to realize that we, as bloggers, do this not because we HAVE to, but because we LIKE to. See the difference? Blogging, no matter what the content is, is a hobby and not a full time job. You get to see other's ideas and opinions and get to connect with people, from all over the world. I really don't even agree with Anonymous's point of regurgated content being posted. Sometimes, there are many points of view on any given one subject. It's just nice to see things from a different perspective now and again. Which again, this is why I came out with last post here @ Holy Shock and invited every single reader to ask us, that is in myself (Eus), Rather, or even Ruhtra himself, if there were any topics they would like any of us to cover. By no means will I ever put myself in a light that I'm an e-celebrity of blogging. I just happy and content if someone just reads my thoughts and what I put out there is myself completely. If someone got educated, great. If someone was entertained, awesome. If I pissed you off, hmmm, maybe I made you think outside the box. If you saw and knew me IRL, you would get no different. I yam what I yam. So Rather, I applaud you for making a stand and I'm sure many other bloggers would agree.