Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dignity, Humility, and Respect

Some pretty important words for everyday life, and this included WoW also. I've seen things in the last two weeks or so that bring these words up. First, let me start off by saying that I am proud of my guild MAS. We work together like a family and work hard. We are not the most aggressive raiding guild, but I'd say if we are #10 on DSpine in 10 man raid progression, that should say something. I will be brutally honest and say that we just went into ICC almost four weeks ago. And I will be brutally honest and say that we downed the first wing last week. I am proud that most of us had never been in there before and we downed bosses with two attempts or just one each and not too many problems, until we got to Saurfang. Last week seemed like after several attempts and a one minor change, we kicked his ass to kingdom come.

Why you ask? Because of dignity, humility and respect.

Here's why. I didn't think I was good enough to heal both tanks. Turned out I was. At first we had our pally tank and warrior tank. Then myself on Eus, a tree and a shaman heals. Rest dps. The minor tweek was this: shaman go dps. I was worried about taking on both tanks but I dug my heels in and braced. That little bit extra of dps was what won over. But there is something else. We covered the humility of doubt. Now, let's cover the others.

About two weeks ago, this was not even remotely possible. We had a guild officer who returned a while back after leaving to go to another server with a boyfriend. This officer came back and had their officer title restored, just by asking me. Ever since this officer returned, they were nothing short of a plague upon the family. They did nothing but curse, while and bitch the entire time they were back. She claimed to be able to do 6k dps but could only pump out 4 if lucky. Furthermore, her boyfriend was nice enough but seemed sooooo full of himself. He was a pally tank himself who could not understand the basic mechanics of blessings...sorry but as a pally it is a pet peeve of mine and I roll with PallyPower with honor.

By the time of week two of ICC, the entire guild was tired of her and her antics. That attempt I had to work so I was not able to attend but every other guild member and officer (minus one officer) and even my better half complained and were troubled by her behavior. If she never got her way, you knew about it. In our guild forum I stated recently about bad behavior and how negativity would not be tolerated. Just before a vote was to be called against this officer, my better half posted a forum topic about raiding and how to conduct yourself personally and such things like that. This officer not only cursed out, in forum, him, but bashed our raid leader and went off the deep end. Guild Mommy Eus had enough and decided to try to reason with this officer. Since I felt there was no just cause for any of the behavior, I posted my feelings overall with the entire guild and that the negativity, which has not only come from her but others, needed to stop and it would no longer be tolerated. I also included the fact that she could come to me personally, since everyone else seems to do that anyway, which is more than fine with me.

So, then the officer proceeded to curse me out on the forum as well.

This did not favor so well for her, needless to say and she gquit along with her boyfriend. This is where respect comes in.

Now for dignity. Last week on the ICC raid night, another officer received an ingame whisper from former officer, stating that if we needed her, her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend. She informed us in vent this information. Now, if anyone knows me well enough, I spoke up and said there was absolutley no way we were taking them on any run ever again and there would be no more disucssion of it. And because we refused to take them, we had a full 10 man guild ICC raid, where negativity died along with every boss in the first wing. (takes bow)

Along with those three words reminds me of a random I ran with another officer a few nights ago. I ran on Matrona and wanted one last set of badges before heading to bed. Low and behold when I see our dps I see a hunter who had only been in our guild for around two months in the run. I must say that H NEX run was just entertaining at best. First, he wanted to switch his weapons for armor pen weapons. Our dk dps told him it was not necessary and to just get going. Me and my friend just giggled to ourselves and continued on. This poor hunter needed help in the worst way. The bottom line is this, he does not understand to dismiss his pet before jumping platforms, considering this aggros other mobs. He begged for water, which he has viper to help him manage his mana. My friend even told him to just stay in viper, since it didn't matter anyways. Every time we would try to give him advice he turned a deaf ear to it. Through it all, with and without viper on, he could only do 1.3K dps the entire run. That's not all I want you to know. His professions are maxed out skinning.....and tailoring at beginning level of 1. I shit you not folks. The reason I bring that up is because he gquit our guild because we would not fork over 1000G to him. Now, I'm sorry, we have a maxed out guild bank and all, but I'll be damned if every person in the guild does not support themselves. There is no reason why this hunter cannot pick up another skill and make money, even if it's just with the skins themselves.

Case in point, a few months ago I was on my rogue in Mara with a hunter. Now, this hunter didn't have the greatest gear and he knew that. Our other random people did nothing but curse at this hunter and make fun of him. The hunter did fine and the run eventually crapped out on itself and we didn't complete it. But when I whispered the hunter back and forth he was thankful of the advice I gave him on pets, gear, stats and whatnot.

The point I am trying to get to is this: We can all learn from those three words. Dignity, Humility, and Respect. None of us are perfect but if you at least try it makes a world of difference. So, stop making fun of others and try to help them. If they cannot accept it, their problem. Respect others also. And have the humility to admit fault and learn from it.

Also, if there is a topic you would like for any of the three of us to cover, tell us! We like challenges and we do not shy away from topics. So if you want to pick our brains, go for it!

So, I will leave you with this question? Ask yourself, if your toon could be any ice cream flavor, what would it be and why?

For me, Golden Vanilla, as to remind me of the light!!!

I am Eus and this is what fluffs my pancakes!


Ruhtra said...

Interesting article, even more interesting question.

Hey I am game to answer though. I would say Rocky Road, sense I tend to take the path less traveled.

RatherNotSay said...

You ask too much Mrs. Ruhtra! Dignity, humilty, and respect? Perhaps one, maybe two, but all three?
I like what you are driving with on that topic. I do think sometimes we could all use a little extra helping of those both giving and receiving.

As far as Ice Cream goes, I am like Basken & Robins baby! 31 flavors of goodness. Why pick one when I have em all?

Nymeros said...

Chocolate chip cookie dough. Bitter at first, but sweet in spots. Sometimes you get a thick difficult chunk. But a solid foundation that almost never fails.

Edyion said...

Butter pecan cause she is smooth like butta but a little nutty underneath.

Edyion said...

also you have just made me hungry...i hope you are proud of yourself missy.

Eus said...

Actually, yes. Damn Edy, you figured me out and was onto me the entire time LOL. You found my alterior motive! Thanks for your respones and Rather, it isn't honestly too much to ask for all three. Everyone deserves it!