Sunday, May 30, 2010

Decision Time

It has been a while since I just sat down and did one of those update posts, so prepare for an incoming update post that has a question at the end. So without any further waiting, I present to you my WoW update:


As a strict ten man guild, I am very happy with the overall progress that we have been making into ICC. We have some very talented members, that when on are capable of clearing any content within the game. The hang-up is the part that I wrote "when they are on". I do not believe we have taken the same ten people into ICC one time. We are slowly working on getting a solid core group of raiders, but since the guild is also more of a casual guild, we tend to suffer from a lack of commitment. That being said, we have earned some achievements and made some solid progress into the plague quarter. I would suspect that if we are able to get our best players on over the course of the next few weeks that we will be able to clear through the plague quarter and begin working on the remaining two wings before pounding on the Lich King.

I realize that this is some pretty slow progress compared to other guilds out there, but we pretty much only raid one night a week for a couple hours and only just recently started to focus on ICC. I suppose if we increased the number of attempts, expanded the time, and added an extra night, then we could easily progress much faster; however, this is not a perfect world and I am thankful to raid with my family and friends where we can take the time to see the content, enjoy the content, and perhaps have some fun with the content as well.

In other news, we are ran our first Sarth +3 last week. I suppose that being able to overgear the raid and just zerg loses some of the charm of doing it previously, but it is still something that some people may never get to do. I only made it home in time for the final few attempts, but I heard they had some issues with PuGs who would come in and make one attempt and immediately leave if it was not successful. That is a shame, because at the end of the night, with a little extra reinforcements, the guild knocked them out and earned that achievement. I was happy for them and pleased that I could help out with Emprius, but a little part of me is jealous for Ruhtra. So the guild can expect that we are going back in there again for Ruhtra and a couple other members who were not around for the first time around. (On a side note, I do not wear the title on Emprius because I feel it would not be fair to display it when it was earned long after others had done it with much less to work with, but that is just me.)

The other thing that we are going to do is roll back into Ulduar on my offnight during the week. I really wanted to finish Ulduar and so I am going to lead my "Wednesday Warriors" (like that name eh?) in to finish that raid and also use it (hopefully) as a way to see if newer raiders are ready for the main raid team. It is in no way a "B" team mentality, but I think working on people's skills (such as rotation/priorities and reaction times) in Ulduar is a much better idea than taking them into ICC and finding out that their nice and shiny gear does not help them one bit. I am also planning to work on some of the achievements in Ulduar to knock the challenge up a little and hopefully help to improve on the raid team's overall skill. I am also hoping to make it a little more fun than the ICC runs.


So I have talked a lot about raiding and this is because that is all that I have been doing lately. From the constant shifting of members in and out of the raid team, we found ourselves with quite a few key roles missing and so I have ended up gearing out Ruhtra, Emprius, and most recently Lrem for raiding in ICC. The positive side is that I have a wide variety of options to help fill rolls within the raid team. The negative is that I do not get to focus on just one character at this time. I gladly accept that in order to help our raid team, but a small side of me is slightly aggrevated at times that I do not get to take the character in that I find to be the most fun. In the end though, the feeling of accomplishment far outweighs the feeling of greed and so I march on filling in whatever roll needs filling.

I have spent most of my time focusing on PVE, but also have dedicated a lot of time to leveling out my professions. As of right now I have jewelcrafting, leatherworking, enchanting, mining, and skinning all maxed out, with tailoring being only four points from maxed. I have managed to collect quite a few epic gem cuts in order to assist the casters of our guild as well. My next target is going to be to level my alchemy, but that may take a while to get there.

I really haven't spent a whole lot of time focusing on PVP lately. I did manage to run a few arena matches this week with Ruhtra. I am in that to help my friend achieve his goals, but to also improve my librim since I still feel that the arena librim is superior to the rest in most situations. About the only other PVP noteworthy is Lrem earning his 10k honorable kill achievement. That puts Ruhtra, Emprius, and Lrem in the 10k club now. I find it funny that when I originally rolled Whoopy, I wanted him strictly for the purpose of ganking and I use him the least of any of my toons for PVP. At last I looked he was in the neighborhood of 2,500 honorable kills. I did take him on a stroll through Iron Forge though last night and that was fun. I found the portal room where all the Alliance players come through flagged. I have made a mental note of that and will probably do some looking around at other areas of the city and the other capital cities as well. I am debating on organizing some nasty PVP events, but do not know if I have the time or effort to put into something that will not really net much in return, other than the fun of messing with the Alliance.

The big question I have right now is what do I work on next? I am considering leveling one of a handful of alts that I have. Right now my choices are as follows:

Braama (Restoration Druid) - Debating on my Druid to fill in a much needed dedicated tree. Aside from the roll of being a raiding tree, he is also my alchemist/herbalist. Right now he is in the lead for leveling.

Galran (Protection Warrior) - I have wanted to level a tank for quite some time now and Galran is the perfect fit. I already had quite a good set of gear built for him and with the addition of heirloom items, he is really coming around. The problem is that we are now farely deep in tanks and he has no unique professions that would make him desirable at this time.

Popebutch (Shadow Priest) - The one thing that the guild is missing is a shadow Priest. We have trees in the guild, but they are just not always able to be on and attend our raids. I love my Priest and he is the highest leveled of all the options, sitting at 72. My main hold up is that in terms of DPS, both Emprius and Lrem are far better geared and already raid worthy. This would just add one more DPS to my stable which is filled with Emprius, Lrem, and Ruhtra (off-spec).

Holeycow (Restoration/Elemental Shaman) - The ruler of the auction house has handed over the reigns to a new individual and now is poised to level to greatness. My issue is tht if I level another healer, both Braama and Popebutch are far better options in terms of utility and level. The upside to having Holeycow at 80 would be in the addition to a second raid geared Shaman within the guild.

So there you have it, my options. What does the playing community think? I am always interested in hearing about pros and cons of certain classes from the players of these classes and any feedback is always appreciated. Well, I have definitely written much more than I had originally intended to so I think we will end the update here with the question of who do I level next?


Kaboomski said...

To be honest, it does all depend on what you *like* the best, and the only one who can tell for sure is you. If I would have to give my opinion on things though, I would definitely go for the shaman.

My wife has a shaman alt that just leveled so easily that it felt completely painless and just a whole lot of fun. Leveled as resto, so short dungeon queue's but not completely weak when it comes to questing either. Hell, she'd solo group quests 2 levels above her.

I am also working on a shaman alt and I love it! My wife has even started another shaman alt, on another realm, to help some friends out. I think I'm clear on the "shamans are fun" part now ;)

My second option would be based on level. I know your shadow priest doesn't seem like a really good option because you already have 3 capable DPS toons, but once you get another alt to 80 it's just really relieving.

Third, you could base your choice on role. What do you need the most right now? If it's a tree, level the tree. If it's a tank, level your warrior. If it's a specific DPS spec, level that.

And.. OMG.. not a single f*ck or sh*t? You're getting soft there, Ruhtra! ;)

Ruhtra said...

Thanks for the thoughts on the alt delimna, but I have decided on my Druid. Having some fun running around with him and already got him to level 40 (helps to have a vacation though).

As far as not dropping any f-bombs, I leave that for Rather to do, as I cannot work them nearly as well into my writing as he seems able to.