Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So I have been sitting here for litterally a couple hours trying to figure out how to explain my concerns over the next expansion and I have litterally written about ten pages worth of concerns. So in short, I am concerned on so many levels that I cannot remotely fit them into one single post. This left me to reevaluate how best to make this post then without sounding completely negative about the expansion. So I am going to do something completely different for me and leave it up to the readers of this blog to share what they are concerned about with the coming expansion. Nothing is off limits or too minor to share because if you have a concern about it, someone else probably has that same concern.

I am going to start it off by saying that I am concerned that they are taking on too much in terms of design and I am afraid that there is going to be a complete inbalance in the game in both the PVE and the PVP aspects of the game. The lack of balance is always a common problem with each expansion and typically takes quite some time to work out, but I am afraid that the changes to the raiding format may also create an inbalance within the PVE aspect of the game. I could be wrong and perhaps just worrying over nothing, but I do hope that Blizzard releases a little more information regarding these plans to help put my concerns to rest.

How about you all?


Mister K said...

I feel your right, but they are always going after balance issues so I think once the beta starts and the pre-expansion patch they will get most of those things to a more even keel, unfortunately in doing that I think it is everything else that will fall by the wayside, we'll end up getting more repetitive quests and there will be a ton of reskinned drops instead of unique looking ones. Also I am assuming that they will barely have one raid ready to go at launch again maybe an OS ripoff and one real raid. With only 5 levels people are going to pushing to raid almost instantaneously and if there is only one raid it is going to be a huge disappointment to a lot fo people

Ruhtra said...

I hope you are right. I agree that they always are attempting to adjust balance, but they have rarely gotten it down quickly.

I agree also with the repetitive quests. I really hate doing dailies. I work around twelve hours a day, so to find time to sit down and run four level capped characters through the paces is just not happening.

I miss the look of the drops in BC. I liked some of what they did in Wrath, but prefered BC more. I do like that they brought back pieces of Vanilla gear and that was nice and refreshing, but I do hope they get some good creativity going for the new designs on gear and weapons.